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December 15, 2017
Embracing Diversity in the GVC – Lady CG Editorial
December 15, 2017
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Is the VC Worthy of Unity?

There was a recent question, in a group I frequent, about Unity in the community. Was Unity in the VC possible? Could Psi’s and Sangs truly be united in a Greater Vampire Community. I wanted to share my reply:

“If it were possible to “Unite the Clans” so to speak, I would be in favour. The problem is I do not believe it to be possible, in fact I will go in exactly the opposite direction and say that Unification has been striven for, for years and has been an unqualified failure.

At this juncture I believe the answer is more likely to keep a “General” VC and separate the factions into their own communities for the purpose of teaching, mentoring and problem solving. I do not believe we will EVER bring the factions together peacefully.

We have a Greater / General VC for sharing what is relevant to all parties. If we are to strive for anything, perhaps it should be to make that Greater / General Community more welcoming and a more peaceful place for spirited interaction, rather than the war zone it is now.

This is my 2 cents. While I would LOVE to see everyone united, I do not believe it is possible. The gap is too wide to bridge without completely blowing everything up and starting over and I do not believe that is even possible. Could my mind be changed? Of course, but someone would have to build a better mousetrap.”

Please folks… We are, at this stage of the game, not deserving of Unity. Our forums and groups are battlegrounds for trolls and infighting and people who just want to make themselves feel better and more in control by aggressively putting down anyone who does not see things as they do. Until we can learn to control those people who make the VC a battleground, or learn to dismiss them, we will never Unite the VC.

What we CAN do is start by making the Common Areas of the Greater VC safer, kinder places where information can be openly shared. Where its SAFE to ask questions and OK to be honest, open and DIFFERENT.

When we stop slinging mud at new members, and each other, when we can be KIND, just for the sake of knowing the others we are addressing have their own issues and came here, not for abuse, but for help and guidance. When we learn compassion, real compassion, knowing that not everyone comes into the community knowing the right terms, or the safe questions to ask. When we quit verbally pouncing others because they see their state of being differently than we define our own… When we master THESE things, perhaps it will be safe to THINK about UNITING the factions.

Until we can make our common spaces safe we are NOT worthy of a United VC. We are better off in our separate corners and limiting the fighting to the common areas. We as a community must decide what kind of community we are actually mature enough for and capable of dealing with. We cannot Unite our factions until we have learned RESPECT.

Stay Warm, Stay Together, Stay Fed.
Lady CG.
Dec. 2015

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