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December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017
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Vampiric Summoning

(or, How Grown-up Vamps Communicate)

We’ve all probably had it happen. You are thinking about someone and they either call you, or they show up on your IM or favorite message board. But, did you know, you can do it intentionally, and if you’re a vampire, who is trying to get in touch with another vampire you know well, did you know you can almost guarantee yourself success?

I discovered it quite by accident, when I was younger. My mistake was that I first tried it with normal humans. I discovered that if I thought of a person I knew very well, concentrated, really hard on them… picturing them, thinking about the sound of their voice or something they’d written, the person I wanted would usually phone me or come to see me within a few days. Even if they lived 2000 miles away. It was a lot of work. Not that I wasn’t’ pleased with the results… but it took a long time, and it was a LOT of focus!

One day I was online looking for an old Vampyre acquaintance. I’d lost track of her for a couple of years, but I wanted to find her, to ask a question on her area of expertise. Within 5 minutes she showed up on the yahoo group I was moderating. I was astounded. THAT was TOO easy!
The same situation came up a couple of weeks later. I was making up an invitation list for people I wanted to invite to the message board I was thinking about building. Many of the vampyres on the list were people I hadn’t seen online, for some time. I didn’t have email addresses for most of them anymore. Yet within a couple of days I was contacted by all but two of the people I needed to find.

Here was a new toy that required investigation!

I discovered over the next year that it didn’t only work online. It works very well in the physical as well. It occasionally happens that one of my Coven members or one of my Vamp children, who is phone-less at the time, need to be contacted. I have discovered that I can reliably “Summon” them to get in contact with me. It usually works within hours.. depending on where the person is or what they are doing when I Summon them. Vampires Summon MUCH more easily than Mundanes!

I recently had occasion to want to get in touch with a vampyre I know and love, who lives half way across the world from me. I knew he’d been unwell, and I knew he was likely busy… but the matter was important, and I was getting ticked that he wasn’t answering me, when I KNEW he HE KNEW that I was looking for him. I decided what I needed was to get his attention in a BIG way.
(lets face it, sometimes male vampires need incentive to pay attention, especially the overly clever ones)
I’ll admit it.. I stooped pretty low. But understand, the matter was urgent, and I was beginning to get irritated…
I “Summoned” him with a fantasy. I won’t get into the details, but suffice it to say it was rather sexy and wicked. Oh no great details, just some quick “impressions”… but not very subtle, either. I went to my computer a couple of hours later and he was on waiting and there was an “offline’ note waiting for me on my Instant messenger. (grins wickedly)

Its not difficult to do, at all. It helps if you’ve seen a picture or know the person you are looking for, but its not absolutely necessary to do so.
First, have a NEED to find the person, or at least a very strong desire.
Next, picture the person or “feel” the vibe that you identify with the person you want to find
Now the hard part: EXPECT the person to show up.
Now the really really hard part: forget about it.

At first you might find it takes effort and focus and patience. But… it IS possible to get it to work almost 100% of the time.
Don’t be surprised if the person you “summon” contacts you and seems unaware they have been summoned. I’ve learned over time to tell when someone is Summoning me, and who, but at first I didn’t know why I would have the urge to contact someone out of the blue. It wasn’t till later that I discovered I am not the only vampire to have stumbled on this particular form of communication~!

Now its how I’ve come to expect my contemporaries and I to call one another. After years of doing it this way I can often tell who is Summoning me and sometimes even WHY they are calling me. Its just become “what we vampires do”
I have recently caught myself wondering: What if EVERY vampire got GOOD at this? The possibilities are, indeed, mind boggling!

Lady CG

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