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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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The Quality of Life

Its the little things that make life worth living. Too often we, as Kin, get caught up in just surviving the rigors of life, or so absorbed in our quest for spiritual growth, that we neglect ourselves, and forget to nurture the truly amazing creatures that we are.
With that in mind I came up with a list of things that we can do to nurture ourselves, and each other. Just to make us feel good. See how many things from the list you can fit into one day. You get extra points if you mange to at least one of the things on the list with a friend. AND…. When you finally get to where you are doing at least ONE thing a day for yourself, every day, you can consider yourself to have self nurturing down to an art.

Try it. Your are worth it. We ALL are.

Go for a tan:
3 minutes in a toning bed is doable even for most of us UV susceptible vamps. Not only will it help you blend in with the beach crowd, but it has the added benefit of helping beat the winter blahs.

Go “sparkly” shopping:
come on… what Kin can’t resist things that sparkle? IF you can’t afford to buy diamonds, buy zirconias. If you can’t afford zirconias, buy glass beads.. If you’re between pay checks and your mad money isn’t’ up to your urge to shop, do what I do ad see which “gum machines” have the coolest baubles for a buck.

Go for a walk:
Its good for you. Its something you can do with a friend or lover. Its great cardio. IF nothing else, its a few minutes of your time spent outside instead of in a class or at your desk or in front of the TV.
You can meditate while you’re doing it. I have several walking meditations. Here is one that anyone can manage:

Walking Meditation:
Monks in monasteries used to do this, and still do–walk the quadrangle. You can do it too. Find yourself a set path, a circular track or a square, perhaps on a sports field, or in a large garden. Walk the path to get to know the route. Then, when you are ready, take in a slow deep breath, then let it out slowly. Be conscious of your body. Feel or sense your entire body. Then start walking slowly. While you walk mentally notice how your body is functioning. Do not judge or criticize it, just be aware of your body. Do not rush this or any other meditation. If a thought comes into your head which says: This is silly, or I have to get the dog to the vet, push them gently away, and resume your walking. After 10 or 15 minutes, stop, and get on with your life.
(from www.angelfire.com/nj/healing/page9.html)

Take a Hot scented Bath:
It doesn’t’ even matter what you use to scent it. I, personally, have used scents ranging from rare and expensive oils all the way down to a couple of cap fulls of vanilla or almond extract. The point is to envelop yourself in clouds of warm scent and moisture. The price is negotiable. You do, however get extra self-love points for soaking with:
lit candles
a cup of tea
a good book
glass of wine
or anything else that especially makes you feel good.
Do yourself a favor. If you don’t’ already have a tray taht fits acrtoss the width of your tub, ad-lib one. I use a leaf from my kitchen table. but any board a few inches wide and long enough to sit on the edges of your tub width-wise will work. Its great to have a place for a cup or a book while you’re soaking.

Get a Blankie:
I have one… I have a couple, if the truth be known. I use it to curl up in for reading, browsing gardening catalogues, watching TV with a cup of tea… its an all purpose article. Its especially nice to have when you are a bit down or in need of comfort. There is jsut something about wrapping up in a blankie, like being wrapped up with an old friend, that is SO comforting. its the best place in the world to have a good cry when you need one, too.

Bake Something:
Anything. Especially if its cold out. Grab a mix off the supermarket shelf (some bake i their own pans.. no clean up later) or bake from scratch. All it takes is a bit of flour, baking powder, salt and milk to make fresh hot biscuits. Fresh baking is one of those “hugs’ we can give ourselves or a friend, that just isnt’ replicable by any other store bought gift. And there is NO beating the way it makes your place smell. No modern artificial air freshener will EVER compare to the smell of baking bread, or cookies.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate:
I know… I preach it, I nag about it, I have made it a worn out litany. But, Come on… 5 minutes, folks… Its 5 minutes of your time to feel SO much better! choose a visualization that makes you feel great about yourself. they and remember THIS one everyday, even if you don’t’ have time for anything else. If you don’t’ know or have run out of visualizations write to me @: ladycg@gmail.com and I’ll mail you as many as you like.

A cup of Herb Tea:
Try it before bed. After a hard, long day. when you need to sit and listen (or talk) to a friend. Make it something NICE. Fruit infusions or herbal tea before bed is relaxing and even a bit pampering after a long day. My favorite evening tea is Tetley summer berry. Extra points for sharing the pot with someone you like. I try and make it a nightly ritual. I don’t’ always remember, its always worth it when I do. Its one of my favorite way to spend a few minutes with my mate before I lope off to bed.

The “What are you saving it for” list:
*shampoo and matching cream rinse you got for the holidays and haven’t opened yet.
*your favorite cologne or perfume
*the scented lotion Aunt Betsy got you for your birthday last year.
*any nice piece of clothing,no matter how impractical , you bought on a whim, but dont’ have anyplace to wear it. (I suggest putting it on after your bath before you meditate or read)
*the bottle of wine you bought for some occasion that you never got around to opening. (extra points if you share it with a friend)

I’ve tried to think of things everyone can enjoy and do for themselves. My list is not very long, but I’ll bet everyone of us can add to it with little things we can do to nurture ourselves. I know for a fact I am among the WORST, for not taking a few minutes everyday to do something nice for myself. We all underestimate the importance of self love.
If you feel you can help add to my list, feel free to reply. Lest start a new trend. Lets learn to look after ourselves AND each other. We’ll all be a bit better for it, in the long run.

Lady CG
copyright 2004

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