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Extra Large Flea Collar – for those who can actually P-shift

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So your friends in the chatroom don’t believe you. You know that you can p-shift into your therioside, but you just don’t feel comfortable doing it in public, or even on video for evidence.

That’s alright. Your friends here at The Darkened Mirror understand.  You shouldn’t have to provide extraordinary proof for your extraordinary claim.

In those times when you just can’t stand to be in your human body, when the species dysphoria gets to be too much, we’ve got just the product for you.  Be you a [very small] dragon, a big bad wolf, or a seal, you’ll always need protection.

That’s why our flea collar is just the product for you.  It’s stylish, is sure to match all colors of fur and scale, and stops that embarrassing scratching and moaning.

Who wants to prove their therianthropy, while scratching? I know I don’t.

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