Naked After Dark: Interview with Lady CG By Deacon Gray

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December 15, 2017
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Naked After Dark: Interview with Lady CG By Deacon Gray

[ CG Note: Let me preface this by saying that I still think this is the BEST article ever written about me. Light years later I’m still thrilled with it. Thank you Deacon for putting a smile on my face every time I read it ]

For all her business attire and respectable reputation she sure has a wicked streak! “My daily life is meetings, business lunches and work, of course the best lunch is always about business…but some business is more enjoyable than others.”

The Canadian born author is known to the dark underbelly of the internet as the Vampyress, Lady CG, and as she speaks she favors me with one of her sultry smiles. It’s a smile that implies a lot, but leaves nothing pinned down and at once I see how she lures in so many “donors”. Part of me wants to know just exactly what kind of “business” she is doing at lunch.

My name is Deacon Gray and I was supposed to interview Lady CG before the deadline…something I watched fly past days ago much to the chagrin of my editors.

The assignment was simple: find out who Lady CG really is, and how she got to her stature in the community.

Simple enough, I thought; but after a day of following her around her office and going out to lunches, so far things had been rather casual and light.

“My flowers are coming up,” she says proudly more to herself than to me. She has flowers all over her yard and I am thinking “Better Homes and Gardens” for a moment, which is odd considering she is a blood drinking vampire.

“What kind of work have you been doing lately?” I ask, trying to pull her into my interview, and she responds by laughing a little and moving into her house. “All the projects in my dayside life are making it difficult, but I always have things on the burner. I think we (vampires and pagans) have to stay busy and keep looking for new things to inspire us. If we live for the day-to-day stuff we lose part of ourselves. The experience of discovery, of change, is something we need I think.”

Lady CG the business savvy political administrator in her pantsuits of deep brown and carefully put together look is in contrast to the woman I know. The author of _Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres_ with projects like “Smoke and Mirrors” (A vampyre and pagan resource internet site), and originator of the Vampyre’s conference on aging, never once stood pictured in my mind as a businesswoman.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me,” she says simply, and a twinkle of green in her eyes shows amusement.

In her study I can see a newspaper cutting on the desk and see her in a picture sitting at a table with another man looking serious. It’s a look that clashes with the large Pegasus mural painted on the wall and the pagan symbols found here and there about her house.

“How long have you been in the Vampyre scene?” I ask, but get that amused smile again and feel both silly and lucky to get it. There is something about her that draws people in and disarms them. “The Scene, is that what they are calling it?

“I have been a Vampyre my whole life. The first time I was offered blood I was 18 and in college; that was back in 1979-80. I got involved in the online vampire community back in 1993, when many of us started to congregate in IRC chat channels, for support and companionship. Here in Canada it has been active a lot longer than in the United States. There were vampire/gothic clubs back in the 80s. A lot of the New York scene was taken from here, but a few nuts have pretty much pushed us underground.”

She is talking about the Vampyre Killer, a teenager that went on a killing spree that happened to have a profile on an infamous website known as Vampire Freaks. The site is not about real vampires, it’s about people who like vampire fashion. Either way it put a spotlight on the real vampire community in Canada.

Lady CG slips into a bathroom to dress. She is holding a Coven meeting tonight and I can see how she would not want to even dress the same for the different parts of her life and ask about it. “No, it really doesn’t matter,” she says with a shrug, “but who is comfortable in a business suit?”

She left the bathroom door open but is staying where I can’t see her fully. One thing is for certain: she is not shy about her body, but stays behind the door for the most part. “I always loved the energy in the community here. People here are not freaked out if you’re a pagan. They leave you alone about that stuff for the most part. Canada doesn’t get involved in other people’s problems. We do a really good job of taking care of our own here. I take feel that into my coven. We are more than just people who get together to feel special and rebellious; we are a family and we meet regularly. BloodMoon Coven is about sharing our beliefs, and about spending a couple of hours, each week, setting aside the person we show the public, and just taking the opportunity to be ourselves.”

She comes out dressed much more casually and more like I pictured her dressed. The top accents her beautiful curves and the low neckline hints at temptations that only her mate, “Dark Warrior”, gets the pleasure of enjoying. “We have been together for eight years now, and just celebrated our seventh anniversary!”

“I never thought I would be with someone that long but he has been great. Everyone needs someone who will compliment them and support them; he is my support. In fact, he is my whole world, and the first person to accept me completely for who I really am. All of me, not just my dayside, or my nightside.”

Out back, people are gathering in a small grove of trees where a gazebo, complete with a hearth and chairs, has been set up. Some wear robes. some are dressed more casually, and all around them multicolored flowers are in bloom and nature sings its own songs to the goddess that CG could easily be mistaken for. She walks barefoot toward them, her coven, ready to wrap them all up in hugs of welcome and warm words.

CG, in modest insouciance, shrugs off the success of her book, website, projects and celebrity in the community; and, standing there, is no different than anyone else inside or out of the community.

She looks at me and kindly waves me over to meet everyone, but we already agreed that I would not be staying for the private coven meeting. “Deacon was just asking me about how I got to my stature in the community.” They all laugh at little as If I missed an inside joke. Lady CG, however, simply looks up at a bird sitting in a tree and smiles a little wistfully.

“I did it like everyone else. I started some time ago, I stuck with it, I kept busy and I tried hard to remain true to who I am, and what I believe. Mostly, though, I just try to have fun and help people where I can. I have one goal in my participation in the community. If I have my way, no one will every go through what I did as a young vampire, alone. I do what I do in the community to save lives and sanity, because frankly, I care.”

She laughs again and slides a finger seductively over my cheek. “It just all took off from there.”

© Copyright 2007 by Deacon Gray. All rights reserved.

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