Those Moments that make it all worthwhile by Lady CG

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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Those Moments that make it all worthwhile by Lady CG

Its dark but I’m awake. I’m not always sure what wakes me, but the pull is unmistakable.
I dress in dark clothes – often my ritual clothes if I think there is little chance of encountering anyone. Not that any smart human would approach one of my kind dressed in ritual clothes, at night, among the trees, even in a large park like Evergreen which is only a block from me, no one would bother. I think to myself as I slip out the door into the dark that it would prove interesting if someone did, not that anyone ever has. I live in a very multicultural town of over 15000. Many of the “Newcomers” as we call our large immigrant community, are Muslim. If any of them are in the Park at 2am and happen to see me its more likely they will run in terror at the sight of a flaming red head in a hooded black velvet gown. The thought makes me smile. Its too bad really. A misguided mugger would make a nice feed. I’m never that lucky.

I slip across the railroad tracks and lose myself quickly among the massive trees and under brush. I don’t move soundlessly, but I grew up in the woods and I move more quietly than most. Its too cold to go barefoot but I wear very light shoes or moccasins and my feet feel the way for me. Small animals and rodents scurry about their business paying me no attention at all. I can hear them clearly and see their shining eyes in the dark. I can FEEL their movement. I stretch out my awareness in all directions, feeling for other larger movement that may indicate humans. I want to be alone tonight, and sensing a couple on their way home from the bar, dallying in the dark (I’ve done that too in this park where there are picnic tables in hidden glades) I stay clear of them and let them have their privacy. Other than those two the park seems to be mine.

The moon is nearly full and I can see the deer paths clearly. The magick that belongs only to the night fills me with a joy I can barely contain. An owl glides above me on silent wings. I watch its ghostly form land near the top of a large nearly dead elm tree. It pauses, listening and drops suddenly. A squeak then silence, the smell of blood tells me the owl eats tonight. Lucky him.

I’m so alert. I feel SO alive! My path takes me around the edge of the park till I can see the streets and a school. I watch for a minute. Only a couple of cars on the street and three teenagers smoking pot in a corner where two of the school walls meet. I can hear them plainly. Its none of my business, I move on. I continue to follow the path till I can see the start of the downtown area. The bars are just letting out. I hear drunken laughter in the distance and quickly take the deer path leading back into the trees. They can keep their street lights. I don’t need them. The dark is my cloak, the moon is my friend.

The path comes nearly full circle. I quickly skirt the red rock path the city provided, then leap past the cement side walk where mothers push their strollers in the sunshine, and head towards the edge of the creek. Again I stretch out my awareness. I feel a small animal and hear its small splashing noises as it does its nightly foraging. A huge rock by a dead tree calls to me. Its energy is cold. Someday I need to remember to come to this part of the park in daylight. I’ve always wondered what the rock is made of that causes its energy to be so cold, but I never seem to remember to do it when I can actually SEE it. The sight I’m using now is not the same as my day vision. In the moonlight I can see energy but not colours – not as the day dwellers think of colour, anyway.

Not far from the rock a fallen tree provides a way across the creek and out of the park. I step onto the “bridge” and pause in the middle, over the water, looking back at the park. I don’t want to go home but its time.

Unseen I slip through the back allies, ignoring the sound of arguing coming from the house on the corner. A man with his head in the dumpster behind the corner store doesnt see or hear me as I stay in the shadows, moving past him only 10 or 15 feet away. I cloak myself in darkness and move quickly – silently down the alley. As I approach home the big grey cat that lives upstairs joins me. “Hello Odin”. Together we reach our own yard and Odin insists on showing me his latest victim, a bat, on our front walk. I pity the bat a moment. The cat looks proud. We two predators go into the house together. Our nights adventures at an end.

Lady CG 2012

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