A Letter to EVERY Person Who Ever Wants to Become a Vampire

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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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A Letter to EVERY Person Who Ever Wants to Become a Vampire

I’ll never understand it… but it happens over and over and over, in the Vampire Communities..Every other week it seems I hit a vampire board and there is SOMEONE who would like to be turned into a vampire.

While I know this request is often met with anger and spite on many boards, I dont’ find it an offensive question.

So here is my latest response to the question
“Can I become a vampire?”

Honey.. I have to ask WHY you’d want to change who you are…

Being a vampire has never solved anyone’s problems. Learning to cope as a vampyre is JUST as hard as being a normal person… with the added complication that being a vampyre is not exactly accepted, morally in many places.

Being a Vampire will NOT make you happier.
Being a Vampire will not make you healthier (on the contrary)
Being a Vampire will not give you more friends, or lovers
Being a Vampire will not make you more attractive
Being a Vampire will never solve a single problem in your life..

IF you want to be a Vampire for ANY of the above reasons there are FAR better solutions.. REAL solutions for you!

You are special.. just the way you are. Vampirism is NOT the solution to anyone’s life problems!

You do NOT have to be a vampire to be a member of the Vampire Communities!~

You do not have to be a vampire to be into the lifestyle.

The Vampire lifestyle is dark, romantic and is completely without the physical problems associated with actually being a vampire… you have access to the best of BOTH worlds!

IF you are over 18 and enjoy the company of vampires, you might make a wonderful donor to a Sang or Psi vamp, which is something one vampire can’t do very well for another… and makes you more precious still.

There are a million other ways people can fit into the Vampire Communities WITHOUT being a Vampire. The community needs researchers, and organizers and Councillors, and just plain old good, supportive friends.

Enjoy who you are! You don’t have to be a vampire to have a place in our community~ You are WELCOME HERE!

Lady CG 2005

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