A Lady CG Editorial: Things Are What They Are

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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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A Lady CG Editorial: Things Are What They Are

Life plus complications, plus obvious differences can bog modern vampires down, into equaling a belief that we / they need to know all the whys and wherefores that create what makes we as vampires, different from our other more mundane humans friends and family. Id like to say here and now, that sometimes,
Things are what they are!

I believe that all the history, origin theories, cultural outpourings, politics and social niceties, have, without a doubt, their place in most of our communities. But sometimes it comes down to basics, and knowing ALL that stuff, even if we knew ALL the answers, even if we could actually understand ALL the ins and outs of our condition, will never change the truth about who and what each of us are!

We come together, not over what has been, or what CAN be, but over what is. We are vampires, and, in the midst of a personal crisis, brought on by our need, its not about how we spell, or which origin theory we believe in made us this way. When you’re enduring cravings or rage or an overwhelming sense of estrangement from the rest of the world, its not about who disrespected you in a forum, or which social clique has outcast who, or even about what rank you hold in which community! Its about the here and now and how we deal our personal crisis when we are in the midst of one.

Sometimes we need to set aside ALL the rest and remember what brought us together, as vampires, in the first place! The bottom line, what brought each and every one of us to the communities? We all came seeking individual ways to deal with a mutual set of problems. THAT is the bottom line. Not the social stuff, not the theories, not what science might discover about us via medical testing, not the fun stuff or even the sensuality or the sex!

What really brings us together is what happens to us when we are alone, and afraid and sick and lonely, and trying to deal with a set of circumstances beyond the comprehension of most. Its about hoping to find a way to make it stop hurting. And its about working on that together, since alone, none of us have the answers.

Sometimes Things really are what they are. And sometimes the rest just needs to be given lower priority in favour of the mutual good.

Carpe Nocturne!
Lady CG.

copyright 2006

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