Vampire Community History – The Psi / Sang War

Vampire Community History – The Psi / Sang War

While not officially a real War, there has been a long standing series of disagreements between the Psi and Sang communities.

At the heart  of it are a couple of questions that have created deep divisions between these two communities.

  • What is a real vampire?
  • Do Blood Drinkers use the energy in blood or is the need for blood in Sanguinarians physical as opposed to metaphysical?
  • Should Sangs and Psi’s both call themselves Vampires
  • Should Sangs and Psi’s both use the same forums and groups?

Its been contentious, with occasional explosions over the issue in many forums and groups over the years.  The problem has been written about from all angles but there has never been a good way to bring the two sides together on the issues.  This “war” has broken up boards and destroyed friendships over the years.  If you are interested in further study the links to articles are below

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