Stefan Henderson (Stefan Resurrectus)

Stefan Henderson (Stefan Resurrectus)


In his own words:

Greetings. I am Stefan, known in some circles as Lord Stefan though I tend to eschew titles. I am the founder of the ICE (International Council of Elders) initiative and Patriarch of Clan Resurrectus.

Born in 1967, I first awakened in 1973 at the age of 6. Coming from a very conservative and Christian household, I was confused at the changes and the abilities I began to have. I grew up in a very rural area of Georgia not too far from Atlanta, which was not exactly a hub for vampire activity as New York or Los Angeles, nor was there any internet to obtain correct information on my condition. I had a second awakening, an “ascension” if you will, at age 19; still very confusing as there was no other Kin in the area in which to relate. Being a pre-net vampire in an isolated area is no fun whatsoever, but, there was a hub that developed known as The Masquerade (unfortunately no longer in existence). It was a big goth scene and I began to encounter a few others like myself, but still no answers.

I joined the OVC in 1999 and found Sanguinarius; finally, the answers I sought. I began to learn everything I could, meditate and meet as many self-identified vampires that I could in Atlanta and Birmingham off-line. Sangi became a good friend and mentor for me, entrusting me to Global Moderate her site.

In 2002 I began to meet with as many vamps as I could, suggesting we should come together in Unity and formed House Phoenix Resurrectus, of which I was elected leader and Elder. At that time, I met Madame X; we became fast friends and she helped formed my opinions as a leader and Elder. On-line, the House grew and formed international ties. In 2005 I retired from the Community for personal reasons; it was not well received. I returned in 2012 and discovered the boards were gone, so I joined FB to reconnect. I was appalled by the state of affairs in the VC, so I began seeking out the Elders and friends I knew and formed ICE. A year later, Clan Resurrectus was formed and grew across the globe, our tenet being Unity, Knowledge and Solidarity for all kin. Most recently I have formed the Order of the Phoenix for the serious leadership seeking Unity and have resurrected the boards with the Kindred Nation Network.

From the beginning, I have stood for Unity amongst us all; my belief is that we can move past being a community or “sub-culture” and become a Nation. An obscure article I wrote on the subject nearly 20 years ago surfaced and in reading it, I could have written it yesterday. My vision and goal has never changed and it never will. My hope is that one day the ignorance and political machinations we experience will break down and we can all be one people.

May peace be with you all.


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