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Smoke and Mirrors Forums

Smoke and Mirrors was created on August 11, 2002 By Lady CG and Hapsburg At its height it had over 1600 members and current board statistics as of April 26, 2018: Total posts 162474 • Total topics 20005 • Total members 312

Smoke and Mirrors was originally hosted on Ezboard, which became YUKU which became Tapatalk.
The board was retired and turned into a Read Only Archive in 2018 when the new site
Darkened Mirror was created to host Lady CGs blog, forums and Encyclopedia Bitenica

Statement of Purpose for the S&M Support Board:

Most people, when they first stumble on Smoke and Mirrors assume I built it to be the
community that appears before you now. In truth, it never started out this way.

I did not come into S&M as an experienced board owner.. I was green as grass with only
some e-group modding under my belt to help me along.

Smoke and Mirrors began when an owner of another board said:
“if you want to discuss those kinds of topics do it on your OWN boards!”

I wanted to discuss Blood Rage. It was topic that was in NEED of being discussed, and at the
time most places would not allow such violent subject matter, fearing legal repercussions.

I wanted a place where I could support other Vampires and Kin.  A place where the light is always on and there is always a hand to hold.   A place where we could discuss ANYTHING. So I built this place.

I had heard the saying “if you build it they will come” but I had never before
actually seen it in action. I started to see this board as a place I could post ALL the vamp topics that could not be discussed on other boards, and a place
to put the articles I was writing. I posted and people came.

THEN all the space here started to get to me… I had a hard-drive that was BULGING with the
magick and BOS stuff I’d been collecting for YEARS, from my BOS egroups.

Suddenly I had a place to put my collection and add to it.

And add we did. We now have one of the largest online BOS’s ANYWHERE and its still
growing daily. It is our goal, here at S&M, to create, maintain and develop the largest and most comprehensive resource of its kind on the net today. I
encourage our members to find articles to discuss, and add to our collections.
-If you post an article found on another site PLEASE include a link back to the source so
we can do the site the courtesy of giving them traffic, as well as check out any other links found on the site.

I don’t’ know what brought YOU to S&M. I don’t’ know where you come from or how
you got here or even who or what you are. What I do know is YOU are welcome here. Please feel free to help yourself to our wonderful collections of
information. Feel free to add articles and join in discussions.

When I went through awakening and all the evolving a vampires goes through I went through it
alone. what I discovered is that NO kin should have to go through it like that.
I am here to be supportive. I don’t’ have your answers. But I, and the regular members
here, are here to help YOU find them for yourself.

The rules at S&M Support are simple:

  • Make yourself at home.
  • NO Flaming or personal attacks except in the Rant forum.
  • Profanity is permitted within reason but not to be used in a personal attack
  • Feel free to join the conversations
  • feel free to post anything you want. Don’t worry we’ll let you know our opinions on it, lol
  • IF you need in a locked forum look for the Hidden and locked forums thread, in the Hidden BOS section
  • ADULT FORUMS are over 18 only
  • VOF is Vampires ONLY
  • Everything going on here is at my discretion and that of my Second in Command and Board Manager: HellKat. This place is NOT a democracy, its a Monarchy. I try and be fair but I always get the final say in disagreements. I’m the owner and I’ve put 100s of hours and thousands of posts into this collection of material. HAVE FUN LEARNING… THAT is what S&M is for. IF you have problems or have been here a while and wish to be a moderator please feel free to ezinbox me or use my email

Smoke and Mirrors groups, Smoke and Mirrors Dark, for inner circle forum members and Smoke and Mirrors Public existed on Facebook for a few years then were officially closed and removed on April 30, 2018 to reflect the general move of the Vampire Community away from facebook where many community groups were hosted during the “facebook phase” of the Community.

Both Smoke and Mirrors groups are currently replaced by The Darkened Mirror Discord Channels 
Smoke and Mirrors forums can now be found on Lady CGs new site.
Lady CGs facebook page still exists and can be found HERE 
Lady CGs Blog can be found HERE

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