Researching Psychic Vampires: Sharing Perceptions, Observations and Best Guesses

Researching Psychic Vampires: Sharing Perceptions, Observations and Best Guesses

Researching Psychic Vampires: Sharing Perceptions, Observations and Best Guesses

I recently opened up an informal research and study group.  My intention is to collect information from my fellow Psychic Vampires and Energy Feeders.  It’s not so much that I have the intention of collecting numbers, exactly….although, if something interesting came up in terms of statistics, then of course, I’ll share that.

My approach is going to be more creative and inspired than that.  I might discover general trends, something that needs repeating.  But, with so much standard information available on energy vampirism…I wonder if maybe there was room to look for the details that some of us might be missing.  Maybe the more creative of us, magicians or artists, experiment with imagery or technique.  Maybe, there is an insight from someone who meditates…something that might not be so obvious to those of us who do not have so much time for structured reflection and contemplation.

I was very open about my intentions for starting my informal research group.  I have every intention of giving back to the community (subculture) that offered me guidance and support.  I plan to share whichever gems I discover, whichever insights other psychic feeders generously share with me.  Even though we are just starting on this new project, I am already inspired by all of the possibility.

This reminds me of when I used to lead guided meditations…when I helped run metaphysical workshops.  Part of the rewards of teaching, passing along the information that we’ve learned, is that it reinforces the memory of what we have learned and it gives us the opportunity to look at the same information yet another time–possibly to see a different angle or understand the same information at a deeper level.

There is no way to verify that everyone I come across will be an actual Modern Psychic Vampire, as I understand what such a creature is.  And there is no way for me to verify that absolutely everyone understands and interprets their experience in the same way that I might.  And that is wonderful.  I know that I will cross paths with people who are having very real psychic and energetic experiences that are comparable, if not similar, to mine.  And then, there will be people who are having experiences which, while still internal and subjective, are more “imaginary” because they are limited to the mental level.  Even if someone is having a purely mental-level experience, hopefully some of our information can be modified to be used on that level for their self-healing and growth.

My interpretation is that Psychic Vampires are dealing with and having experiences that are to the extreme of what is possible (and happening to some degree) within the realm of all humans.  We are just experiencing the same phenomenon on energetic, psychic and spiritual levels to degrees higher than our non-vampiric human counterparts.  (Or maybe, it might be that we are just more conscious of the same processes.)  Whatever we come to understand and know can be applied on smaller levels to any and all non-vampiric human experience.  We can offer insight about human’s psychic, etheric and spiritual experiences because we are immersed and forced to become more active members on these levels.  The more that we learn and unravel, the more that we can offer to the non-vampires around us.

As I seek to explore the generalities of our kind AND the special insights specific to some of us, I will grow as a psychic and spiritual being.  It is my hope that we grow together as we share and explore these wisdoms.

We can objectively measure how the human race has evolved on physical and mental levels.  If I can use my personal evolution as any indication of what is possible for others in a general way, my working hypothesis is that Psychic Vampires have evolved over time, as well….and that we keep evolving, as we put the conscious effort into it.  Hopefully, in our research project, we not only come to a more intimate understanding of what we are up to this point, but also consciously shape what it is that we want to become.

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