Ellie (Lenore)

Ellie (Lenore)

Ellie (Lenore) passed away on October 29, 2011
(you are missed – cg)

I am called Lenore, though I have been known by different names, at different times, in various venues, and with certain people. The most popular pseudonyms that you may know me by are Mleep, Amethyst, Sabine, and Mystery. I was most notably known (for years) as Mleep when I was an Administrator on The Vampire Don (TVD). I am no longer part of that group for personal reasons and for reasons of growth beyond what could be gleaned in that position. I have been as I am since birth with all the strangeness, eccentricities, and chronic “symptoms”/ways, etc. Awareness and finding a name for what I was and was experiencing came much later and much to my relief. Any truth is better than uncertainty or fear of the unknown or misunderstood.  I lived independently for many years, thinking I was “one of a kind”. Finding other kindreds souls was a great turning point and epiphany. After some time, I met some individuals who inspired me to take a greater, more public role in the community. I devoted myself to this group and was an administrator for our large community website for several years.  After the community broke up, I planned to return to a private and independent existance. However, again I was encouraged to take a larger part in the community, this time as a leader. With a ragtag group of exiles I founded a new on-line community. We are currently developing an eclectic house that suits our shared goals, sense of honor, and dedication to education and the development of leaders.  Our web community and house is The Lost Children of the Oubliette.  Regarding myself, I have multiple degrees in the arts, communication, and writing. I have held many jobs in various career paths. I prefer diversity in employment and aquaintance. I am an artist, a writer, a teacher, and a student (of many many things). Sadly, my many paths, gifts, and skills do not extend far into technologic advancements. I am a truly anachronistic enigma. And….. I like it that way.

View Of Vampi(y)rism:

Vampyrism is the essence of our being, our spiritual path, our power, and our pain. Along with other aspects of our lives, it defines us (but does not limit us). To be a vampyre is both a gift and a responsibility. And it comes with a cost. The things that impede us, should not hold us back. Above others, we determine our fates. Our wills open many doors and opportunities. We evolve with each incarnation, ultimately reaching our “perfection”. That is our paradise.

What I See The Community As:

Sadly, the community today is splintered by details, missing the big picture. We argue over what divides us instead of what we share in common. We can not put forth a unified front, therfore we must resign ourselves to the shadows of general society. Where there is strength in numbers, we fall short. We fight amongst ourselves instead.

What I’d Like The Community To Be:

We call ourselves a community but it seems we don’t know the true meaning of the term nor understand the power of what we could be. We need only to look upon the example of other “successful” communities, organizations, etc. We would have a unified voice, a large group to have our individual backs, a place to find a home in every city, town, and country. We could have great exchanges of knowledge, leadership, ideas, plans, and resources. We need to get past wanting to be “the one way”, to share, to forget petty differences, to support and to respect all variations of our greater community. Ego holds us back. We need to stop fearing the idea of a governing body. Choosing chaos over order has not served us well.

Views On Ethics – The Black Veil – Codes Of Conduct:

The Black Veil, to me, has always served as a great starting point, especially for those without an existing personal ethical standard. I believe that a moral center is essential for all beings. I don’t believe it can or should be mandated en masse. In our community, we require certain special rules of behavior but interpreting those rules should be left up to the individual and/or each house (within the parameters of general law, reasonable ettiquette, and “good taste”).

And then anything else you deem important for you to be known by.

My personal standard, mirrored within my community/house is that of honor, loyalty, truth, the pursuit of knowledge, and the development of leaders. We are compassionate, strong, and do not suffer fools or cads easily.  Starting from within our community and moving beyond, we seek to develop a place in the world and a method for us to thrive and to soar. As well as a comfy, safe haven for us to land or fall.

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