Alexia AAXV (Alexia Ashford)

Alexia AAXV (Alexia Ashford)

In her own words:

Hi there. I am Alexia. I am the webmaster and administrator of The Red Cellar,, and the Sanguivore Association of Washington. I am a fierce advocate for scientifically-inclined sanguivores who view their condition from a physiological lens. I am also an advocate for donors.

I was born in 1990 in England. I had symptoms of sanguivory since birth, but following some trauma, my ‘symptoms’ began to develop rapidly in my early teens. I was not part of any community at this time. I was incredibly confused, and as things progressed, I was unable to process food properly, my immune system was broken down and I became bedridden. I would also ‘twoof’ constantly. I came to know another sang offline, and aged 13, we would discuss ways to get lancets and procure blood despite being, essentially, kids.

I joined the OVC around 2004 when I was 14/15. As someone who believed firmly in physiological vampirism (as I called it then), it was difficult for me to find any resources that adopted this secular point of view. After trying to fit in for a couple of years with little success and frequent fights, I decided to leave the OVC.

Over the next ten years, I would teach myself everything I needed to know about sanguivory; how to find donors, how to procure blood, how to be safe in my practice, how to meditate and retain control of the bestial side of sanguinarianism. I would advocate on behalf of sanguivores in other local communities with minorities such as the LGBTQ communities of England, or even Gaga fan groups. Anyone who felt ostracized, I would try to come out and spread awareness. This led to me meeting several other sangs and donors, eventually developing an offline community where I would provide teaching and aid to those with less experience and control. This could be anything from talking through the impulses and donor procurement to buying them groceries or chicken nuggets because they were financially hard up.

In early 2015, I randomly decided to poke my nose in the OVC again because I wanted to see what, if anything, had changed since my first stint. It didn’t really seem like much was around for sangs who didn’t much care for ‘vampire’, aesthetics, or some form of spiritual practice associated with their sanguivory. I couldn’t find much in the way of practical information, and I instead found a lot of scary information such as being able to ‘smell’ who is diseased.

I decided to start a sanguinarian-only group focused on practical blood-drinking and eschewing any metaphysics. It was met with a lot of resistance, to put it lightly. I started to meet other sangs like me, and we began working together. In late 2015, I participated in the BBC’s “The People Who Drink Human Blood’. I started my personal blog, which later became, a site focused on scientific inquiry and practical support for blood drinkers. The Red Cellar, a sister site focusing more on the practical aspects of blood drinking, spawned several months later. In 2016, I was voted in to the VVC.

From this point, the practical blood drinkers began to be known as ‘med sangs’/medical sanguinarian/medical sanguivores. I was involved in advocating for med sangs and pushing knowledge and acceptance for them to front and center in the OVC. In late 2016, myself and other med sangs decided to partition from the OVC to find our own footing and develop our own support network. The Red Cellar has an online network of donor support groups, blood-drinker and donor networks, and a ‘med sang’ community.

In early 2018, I have once again begun to participate in the OVC to be able to provide content to a larger audience, network, and provide that alternative perspective to any who may find themselves landing in the OVC but seeking something different. I believe in being a teacher, in sharing knowledge, and empowering people to act and make the changes they’d like to see. The growth, personal development, and life optimization of sanguivores is my goal.

I live with my partner, another sanguivore, and our cats in Seattle, WA. I hope to establish an offline community with the Sanguivore Association of Washington.

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