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    Dominic Faust

    My ‘normal’ body temp is 96f (35.6 c). It can get a bit lower during dry times.

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    Dominic Faust

    Here is my “Freezer Prep” recipe:

    10 oz (300 ml) container of frozen food grade animal blood (Non-pasteurized)
    6 oz (180 ml) of cold bottled/filtered water.
    4 Tablespoons of Sodium Citrate
    4 Tablespoons of Dextrose or table sugar.
    1 Quart (950 ml) plastic container.
    1 Glass measuring cup
    1 fine steel mesh 3″ (75 mm) wide strainer.
    10 2 oz (60 ml) disposable sauce cups with lids. (Transparent is best for this)

    Draw a sink three inches (75 mm) deep of warm water. No hotter than 100 F (38 C). Place tub(s) of frozen blood in water
    till thawed. Note: Do not open till it is thawed to minimized oxidation and contamination.

    Do all work in your sink.

    Take a 1-quart container and mix 6 oz of fridge cold bottled water with 4 tablespoons of sodium citrate, and 2 or 4 tablespoons of dextrose or table sugar. stir till all powder is dissolved.

    Strain the blood with a fine strainer into container with the water mix. I strain about 3 oz at a time so I can rinse the strainer under the tap with cold water.

    Then I pour it through the strainer again into a glass measuring cup. I get the 2 oz disposable cups and get to work. It will fill 8-9 of them. They go in the freezer.

    Thoroughly clean out sink when you are done.

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    Dominic Faust


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