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    Witch bottles traditionally act as what can be described as ‘decoys’ for malevolent or baneful spirits and energies. This includes curses, hexes and jinxes – it includes anything and everything that seeks to ruin that good streak you’ve got goin’ on.

    Historically, witch bottles included items such as rusted nails, thorns and wine (yep, you read it right: people used to stick wine in bottles to never be consumed!), and almost always include an item of your physical being, such as a lock of hair, a little bit of spit or blood or semen, etc,… you catch my drift here, right?

    **IMPORTANT: if and when you draw blood, don’t just wing it. Use hygienic and sterilized equipment to prevent infection!
    When creating a witch bottle of this ilk, your main goal is entrapment so personalize to your heart’s content.

    Nowadays, we have witch bottles for protection, entrapment, cursing and myriad other things. Really the only unifying factor is that it something that is for the “household” more than a single person, but typically they all follow the same basic method of construction (for lack of a better word) as traditional witch bottles, which goes as follows:

    For protection against baneful energies and the entrapment of them, some ingredients may include the following:

    A taglock for you and any household members (including pets) that you are comfortable including. My recommendation is hair. But you can also use spit, urine, tampons, used tissues (i.e. snot), nail clippings, etc. You can also use a photo with the person/pet’s FULL name written on the back if a DNA taglock is not possible.

    Sea salt
    Broken glass
    Blood or wine
    A sigil written on paper or the ashes of a burnt sigil
    A tangle of black thread
    Cayenne Pepper

    If you’re creating a protection bottle, you may want to include protective herbs, (such as Rosemary, St. John’s Wort, Pennyroyal or Mandrake root) and small crystals, like amethyst and quartz, in place of the… angry-ish content of the negativity-trapping bottle.

    Next, you put all of your ingredients into your chosen bottle which can be made of glass, clay, metal or ceramics, and seal it as tightly as possible with a lid or stopper (cork). Now, shake!
    If the mood takes you, fill the bottle with whatever thoughts and feelings fit the intent for a little extra oomph.

    Now you must take a candle that again, corresponds with the intent of the bottle. Black for protection (for me!), – but each witch has their own colour correspondences, remember – and drop the hot wax over the lid/stopper of your witch bottle.
    Before you play with hot wax, set some paper down underneath your bottle to protect whatever surface you’re working on and please, please take care not to let the wax touch your skin whilst it’s hot!

    It is supposed to be kept on your property. Ideally it should be buried, but keeping them in the back of a cupboard or other place it will not be disturbed is fine as well.

    Witch Bottle

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