When some ask:If you are not immortal,then what good is it?

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    Ahhhh.That’s a question ,and again as I always say-unlike what many folk sang/vamps in general or whatever they call themselves believe-at some point you will get philosophical when you discuss vampires!.You must!.Especially with questions like this ..and questions like (soul) !.

    Now..my answer does not in anyway-as I always thrive to hint anywhere,since I learned from socializing that Im too multicultural and too philosophical for anyone to handle ,plus social media is for people with confidence to stand against others who quote a sentence you said and twist it ,especially the my way or high way people..or the people who feel threatned by sophistication-represent any other person’s beliefs about him/herself or vampyrism altogether in this community or elsewhere.

    First of all..by now you realize that Hollywood always exaggerates about anything(entertainment)!.
    So ..when you realize we have lifespans and they differ!..so good question.
    To me as much as there are struggles to other sangs being sang (especially the sang,psy will be consoled by energy feeding although they have moodniness problems too,and tantric vamps may find a tantric partner very hard)…to me BEING WHAT IM IS A STEP AHEAD THAN BEING HUMAN.

    NOW OTHERS WILL DISAGREE WITH THIS…but you can notice that even when we are not immortal ON THIS PHYSICAL REALM..some believe in the transmigration of the soul,and past life regression,so we will remember who we are/they decide to call it SERIAL IMMORTALITY…not to mention ..along with the thirst..donors problems..ethical struggle of (am I higher now than humans or equal or a leech….ahhhh! see it gets spiritual always!)..WE DO TEND TO LOOK YOUNGER THAN OUR AGE..in a SUBTLE way if not wholesome radical way.Strength ..some psychic gifts..beauty..mystery in our aura generally.
    Some vampyres like drama ..they make it sound like they are messy! like Louis Du point Du Lac from Anne Rice books…I met the type in REAL life.He is never Ok with being a vampire.

    But to me its good being a vampire/vampyre.I also like the word Nosferatu.

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