What New Donors Need to Know Posted by shadowsaged

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    What New Donors Need to Know Posted by shadowsaged

    By: Damien and Rei

    Hello there new donor! It seems you have been asking some questions and want to know more so hopefully I can help you out or at least if i cant, potentially point you to places or folks who can. There are many things to know, many things out there, and even misguided uses/concepts which one needs to be aware of.

    In your initial foray into the Vampire Community, here are the basic definitions you will encounter:

    White Swan: An individual who opposes the vampyre community.

    Black Swan: An individual who is not a vampyre but who is close to one or more vampyres, and is often a supporter of the community.

    Black Swans are further broken to by how they donate:

    Crimson swans donate blood, crystal swans donate energy. Amber swans donate both.

    To note, the swan term comes from the Strigori VII and black swan was the actual term meant for friends, family and donors who were nonvamps who supported the vampire community. That is all it meant and the only real evolution of the term swan is the white swan.

    Donor: A person, usually a non-vampyre — who freely volunteers their blood or life energy to be consumed by one or more vampyres.

    Feeding: An activity of vampyres in which they consume a donor’s blood, or prana from a donor by other means, or elemental energy from nature.


    One of the first things to decide is what do you want to donate?

    Following the definitions above, you could choose to donate blood alone, energy or prana alone, or both.

    Now you have decided you want to donate blood/energy to a vampire. That is great! Here is somethings you may need to know!

    Know your rights as a person/donor. There is a wonderful writing out there called the Donor Bill of Rights.
    Read up on the safety practices, aftercare, and potential dangers (sites like Sanguinarius.org by the late Sangi for instance is full of information on this.)
    Take time to lurk in the community as well as get to know some vampires. Find out information, and get to know a vampire you may be interested in donating to.
    Realize that feeding one vampire may affect you differently from feeding another can vary from donor to donor. It can be wonderful to nothing.
    Realize that one can form strong emotional responses or bonds to one you are feeding due to the nature of it all.

    After figuring all of that out and reading up on the types of vampires and deciding which you would rather donate to, it is time to learn about the dangers, safety, aftercare and do’s and don’ts of the type of vampire you have chosen to feed. I know wanting to be a donor suddenly seems like a lot of work, that is because it is. You are helping someone out in a very personal way and also can be even putting your life at risk if you do not understand what you are doing. Thus a lot of work, learning, thinking and soul-searching is needed for the donor.

    You need to decide is how far do you want the donating to go and what you are truly comfortable with?

    You also need to decide why you are doing it, and if you expect anything in return, what that is and why that is. Do you want just a donor relationship, friendship to, something more? Some vampires and donors decide to keep the donating and feeding impersonal. Some are open to friendships, while some are looking for intimate relationships. You need to really figure this out.


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