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    Hello everyone and welcome to this new forum for Swans, donors, and all other’s who are companions and friends to our Vampyric sisters and brothers. My name is Lystelle or some may know me better as Michelle Stutsman. I’ve been very active in the community as a donor for about 5 years now. I live in New Orleans, LA in the US. I’m married to a hybrid vampire (Travis) who stole my heart soon after I moved from my hometown of Salt Lake City, Ut about 2 and 1/2 years ago.

    Let me give you a brief history of my experience in donating…My first experience with a vampire was not what I expected. Like many donors I had a very romantic idea of the living vampire. It’s very hard not to in the beginning. We see movies and read the books and fall in love with Lestat and Dracula so when we find out that there are real living vampires in the world we get excited and our imagination creates this larger than life being. Anyway…. I soon discovered that that is not the case. Vampires are just like you and me. People. Just regular folks who for reasons unknown need either blood or energy or both. How their bodies use it or how much they need will vary greatly. Another thing I have learned is that it is impossible for anyone to say whether or not one is or is not a vampire. The vampires will argue this til the end of time. You will fare better to stay out of that mess. Over the years I have feed sang, med sang, hybrid, psi, tantric, etc… and every single experience was a little different. I’ve grown and learned from each experience and am happy to say that I enjoy being a donor and plan to continue for as long as my health is good.

    In the days and weeks ahead I would like to get to know all the companions in this group. We will be discussing many subjects and I look forward to your participation. Please feel free to ask me anything. No question is off limits. Thanks and again… welcome!

    Michelle West Stutsman_Black Swan

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    Welcome Michelle, glad to see you!

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      Vampires are just like you and me. People. Just regular folks …

      Umm, I know a few people who would disagree with that description (though I do largely agree with your sentiment).

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    Thank you I’m glad to be here.

    Michelle West Stutsman_Black Swan

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    Rei Tadashi

    New playground yay! *throws muck on the walls* I kid.

    Blood-drinker. Popcorn-eater.

    Pink glitter is evil and is therefore love. OwO

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    Lol, Rei.. it does seem a little too clean and uncluttered, doesnt it? *throws clothes around the room

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    Hi Rei!! Kicks off shoes and grabs a cocktail. Ooo… pink glitter! I’m hungry. I think I’ll grab a bite to eat. Would you like a bite as well? LOL. I meant sandwich not a bite of me. Hahaha! Donor humor…. So I suppose as teacher here I should get started with a Lesson plan. Where to start?

    Michelle West Stutsman_Black Swan

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