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    Welcome to a system of magic that is close to my heart. As a Priest of New Orleans Traditional Religion, and an Houngan Sepwe, it has been a 28 year journey for me. For the majority of that journey, I kept my true religion hidden. For the past 10 years, I have been more vocal about my religion, the magics it holds, and the Spirits with which I work.

    Feel free to ask questions, I will endeavor to answer them based on my Traditions.

    I will remind people. ATRs (African Traditional Religions) and their offshoots (ATROs) do NOT mix well with European traditions. If you are going to work Voodoo/Hoodoo/Conjure magic, you should not mix them. Keep them separate from any other style of magic that you perform. Even though Hoodoo and Conjure are more fluid forms of ATR magics, they still are their own entity…

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    I’m curious, how did this path call to you? What about it spoke to you and told you that it was right for you?
    I’ve been doing some research on voodoo, but I’ve been finding it hard to find good information on that path. I am very interested in learning more.

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