Vampyre Magick and Psychic Vampyrism

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    Einstein’s formula E = mc2 explains the relationship between Energy and matter, i.e. Energy and matter are interchangeable – in reality, everything is Energy. This Energy is influenced by our thoughts. It is shape-able, form-able, and mold-able. We shape, form and mold the Energy of the Universe through our thoughts. We transform the Energy of our thoughts into the Energy of our reality. Psycho kinesis and telekinesis describe the ability to influence the behavior of matter by mental intention. This can be achieved either consciously or unconsciously. Energy is often referred to as vibrations’ and Vibrations are attracted or repelled by each other depending on how similar their frequencies are. This helps us to understand the theory oflike attracts like’. When positive energy is sent out, it will attract positive energy. When negative energy is sent out it will attract negative energy.

    When a spell is cast we manipulate and change the energies around us to bring about the desired result. By understanding energy we can be more specific and have greater success in our undertakings. We have to be aware of cause and effect, respecting the energies around us as they are affected by our actions. Being that it is energy manipulation and I have made this happen before; knowing what was going to happen, perhaps I have then? Most seem to make it out to be this huge ordeal and not so easy to accomplish; so I wonder how realistic those ideals are. It is not that hard to make energy work for you if you are a real Vampyr but some are evolved more than others and some can not do it as easily. It is an evolved ability as you evolve into your Vampyrism (after your Awakening); some have more Vampyrism than others while some are more human than others but this too can be evolved as well.

    I found it very disappointing that too many Vampyres do not want to believe that Vampyrism is Spiritual and religious. So why must we deny that what we are as spiritual? Are we not divine since we are Demons or Gods/Goddesses; is this not a spiritual or religious ideal and being more than normal Human those who practice Magick or witchcraft have nothing on us; for we are the perfect magickians. I have read in various writings by Aleister Crowley who many believe is a Vampyr himself, that he believes being a Vampyr or practicing Vampyrism is a form of black magick. That of course makes sense because Vampyrism is energy manipulation or magick (which is a form of energy manipulation). We then should be natural magickians and more powerful than the average practitioner or your average witch. So then is Vampyrism a form of witchcraft or is witchcraft a form of Vampyrism? I have heard of various forms of Vampyr Magick and am learning more about it everyday.

    Magick is used for Ritual and Energy work in general. By using your will to make things happen is a Vampyric act as well as a magick act so this is a good example of Vampyric Magick. With that thought I have found that many Vampyr Rituals, including ours, are a Vampyric act. Vampyres also have the ability to manipulate energy, manipulate others (humans and animals), and influence there will to happen; this also is a Vampyric magickal act. As Vampyres we have a more powerful will than most. We therefore are more Magickal than most. Once we have awakened to our potential our natural abilities surpass the average Witch no matter how advanced they may be; al though they too could be other kin and Humans can evolve spiritually even to a God/Goddess statues or God/Goddess like state. Most of us have natural Psychic abilities and a naturally more powerful will than most.

    We as Vampyres need kinship because love and affection are very powerful emotions (energy) that we feed on with or without realizing it; that is why many of us desire relationships. There are the solitary of us but I personally cannot see how they can function alone. With out people how do they feed? They must have there ways but I myself desire affection and cannot survive on my own or I go crazy. I know I must feed a lot or I suffer a lot because I have a high metabolism and am a Father/Priest and an old soul. These needs and the hunger supplies us with kinship to those we feed upon; it also gives us abilities the more we feed the more powerful we may become.

    Come out come out where ever you are & Let me drink your life
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