Tarot Money Spell by Janina Renee

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    Tarot Money Spell by Janina Renee

    ***note this spell requires a tarot deck. You will need to find a “Significator card” to represent yourself.

    You will also need:
    Ace of Pentacles
    Six of Pentacles
    Ten of Pentacles
    Page of Pentacles
    Knight of Pentacles
    6 small coins (to be buried later)

    This is a spell to open channels to bring money from many sources, both expected and unexpected. The cards are layed out in a pyramid, with you at the top and supported by many of the factors that make for well being and prosperity

    The Ace of Pentacles is is positioned in the center of the foundation of the pyramid,standing for money coming in, wealth and success. The six of Pentacles portrays you so successful that you are able to spread your wealth around. The Ten of Pentacles represents family wealth and inheritances; not only you but also your loved ones will be able to enjoy what you’ve gained. (2nd Row)The page of Pentacles here represents news of a windfall (the page could also represent the the messenger or the means by which news of wealth arrives). Since Knights represent the coming or going of matters, the Knight of Pentacles here, represents new and unexpected sources of money and prosperity. And of course, you are at the top row of it all, where you deserve to be. (so place your significator card on the top of the pyramid)

    To perform this spell, you will need six small coins that afterwards will be buried or hidden at the four corners of your property or apartment as well as by or under your front door and walkway. If you wish to use other accessories for this spell decorate the area with silver coins and candles, flowers crystals, and gemstones, and cloth to lay the cards upon in shades or combinations of shades of gold for attraction and wealth, and green for money, growth and prosperity.


    When ready set your significator card in place (any card that represents YOU)

    Meditate on the thought that you have the power to shape the image of what you want – money and prosperity- and send it off into the living universe. Positively affirm your wishes, and your desires are turned into reality.

    Next, set the Page of penticles in place. (under the significator card in the middle row of the pyramid) Imagine yourself being notified of a windfall. Try to feel that state of elation that you would experience.

    Set the Knight of Pentacles down (beside, to the right, of the Page). Envision money coming in to you from many sources that you may expect, and sources that come as a surprise.

    Set the Ace of Pentacles in place (middle of bottom or foundation row). Continue to visualize money coming in. Picture yourself handling lots of money, flipping through stacks of paper money, running your hands through piles of coins.

    Set the Six of Pentacles in place, to the left of the Ace of Pentacles. Contemplate the ways you’d like to spend your money; visualize yourself spreading your money around.

    Finally set the Ten of Pentacles in place (right of the Ace). Imagine the sensation of having your family and your friends share in your prosperity and comfort.

    After you have finished meditating on the cards and visualizations, take up the six coins that have been set aside for this purpose and warm them in your hands
    as you carefully, and with as much feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation.

    “As I work this spell these magikal images take life.
    I call for money and money comes to me.
    Channels of money and abundance are open to me, and money comes from many sources.
    Money is good for me, and I do good things with my money. My money increases.
    I thank the living universe for the good it sends me. so it is, and so it shall be.”

    You may consider the spell closed at this point or you may close it as you would any ritual, or as desired.

    After you have closed the spell, bury one coin at each corner of your property: if you live in an apartment, you can bury them at the four corners of your
    building, or slip the coins under the rugs in the corners of your apartment (I’ve also taped them to the floor) Also, bury a coin at the beginning of your
    walkway, and one under or near your front door or threshold; for apartment dwellers, slip a coin under the rug nearest your front door.

    CGs NOTE: The first time I used this spell, I used quarters, for the coins. Suddenly, to my eternal embarrassment, everyone in
    our place started finding quarters all over the yard and driveway. They popped up all over sometimes more than $5 a day. I was mortified. Neal suggested I do
    the spell over the exact same way using gold doubloons. LOL. Just goes to show you never know what will happen with magic.

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