Tarot decks of vampires

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    Here are some tarots you should take a look at if you are interested:

    -The vampire tarot of the eternal night(highly based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula scenes 1992 starring Gary Oldman).

    -The vampire tarot by Robert M.Place(it has mystery to it also based on Bram Stoker’s book,aand its a deck that is not for everyone according to some users on youtube with whom I agree…because the deck is inverted ! so it suits a left hand path practitioner which Im.According to a reviewer on youtube ..it can be used for people with mental issues to avert them..because everything is inverted.The tower for instance stands tall ..it doesn’t fall by lightning and it mean you believe in only your ego and it works you are not paying for it…temperance card is two lady vampires spilling a bull’s blood ..thats not an equilibrium but a breaking of taboo by taking a life..this deck is not for everyone!)

    -The Gothic vampire tarot (it seems to have a comic style drawing its also deep in reflections and expression of psychological phases of the arcanas).

    -The Vampire Tarot of Nathalie Hertz(Amazing as well..so bloody though and WILD )

    -the Bohemian Gothic tarot (has some vampyrism in it despite its not a vampire deck).

    -There is a nice project on youtube for a (true blood) tarot!based on the TV show!.Amazing.

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