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    If witches are real…witch hunters …do they also exist in this day and age?
    I would say witch hunting if not literal in some third world and nomadic ignorant societies still present!!! …it became tactical nowadays..its in fighting magick by renouncing magick…
    While actually the rich seem to be the ones using magick more than the poor …TO MAKE SURE THEY STAY POWERFUL.HITLER USED IT IN HIS RISE OF POWER.

    If we exist slayers do?
    What forms do they take? hiding? no stakes perhaps ,but their weapons are religiousity or powerful shielding?? Maybe slayers are the people who say we are demented -for selfish reasons and purposes they have- and that we were drained in childhood that’s why we are twisted and we make others twisted by feeding on innocents !!

    We are not twisted..its true many of us were fed on..and yes that deconstructs what media says about vampires .But feeding is not vengeance ..neither is it a cowardly energetic or bloody substitute for independent.
    Alot of humans are feeding off nature and governments twisting human minds with false agendas ,even remote viewing and telepathy are ways to spy on citizens.
    A vampire’s awakening is needed for his/her own good and probably to others.To the very humans we feed on !.

    Maybe the slayers are self righteous evil ones..and vampires are the stunning miracles of nature.

    Buffy in media expressed some hypocritical choices ..when she loved Angel.She justified it that he has a soul…then sleeping with Spike when he was souless..she actually used him.
    Buffy fed from Dracula..then she told him last night won’t happen again!.

    The series has a nice cliche when it says that the first slayer was part demon ! it was the only way for her to fight demonic creatures..that explains the strength ..speed.stamina..speed in healing..intuition!.

    The show reflects the hypocrisy of human society judging other chains of beings..and that to do what they described as good(slaying us) they permitted themselves to do an evil to fight us (use demonic powers to fight for good!).
    It sounds like the hypocrisy of the Vatican in middle ages with witches.Executing any free thinking woman EVEN IF SHE IS NOT A WITCH!.
    Sexual degeneration allowed to clergy in some religions justified that the enemies are tools won by them in battle against apostasy!.or that carnal pleasures once committed are a test of FAITH!!.

    Mass hysteria against vampires and witches were the same!.Also Crusades are .

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