Sigil Magic, An Introduction.

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    Lesson 1: The basics

    First things first, let me introduce myself. My Name is Veronica AKA Miss V, I reside in Canada and have been practicing sigil magic for as long as I have been a witch. I mentored under Lady CG, and with her help became who I am today. Now that we have the introduction out of the way, lets get started shall we? There will be future lessons that go in depth on each one of the steps mentioned here.

    For some of you, this introduction will be unnecessary, but for some of you, this may prove to be extremely useful. Lets dive in; A sigil, what is it and what is it used for? A sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the witch’s desired intention. It is typically used in what is often referred to as “Chaos Magic”. A sigil is a symbol that can either be created by oneself, or a symbol already in existence. Once the intent is set the symbol needs to be charged by the user, and then cast. We will get to all of those steps in a little bit.

    Lets talk about the items we will need to start using sigils. There are not many tools required, but the obvious ones are paper (regular looseleaf, plain, or parchment paper are all fine), ink (regular pens, markers, fancy pens, are all acceptable) candles (the colour of candle depends on the intent behind the sigil) and you’ll need a place you feel comfortable casting. Your altar, if you have one; somewhere outside, even a graveyard are all perfectly fine, as long as it is a place you can concentrate and be uninterrupted. You will also need a candle holder to fit your candle of choice.
    Here is a quick reference guide matching colors with intent, Choose the one most suited to your needs.
    White: peace, purity, healing, innocence, divination, and exorcism.
    Black: safety, protection, banish negativity, pride, shapeshifting.
    Brown: house blessing. pets, animals, earth, stability, locating lost items
    Orange: creativity, justice, legal matters, joy, ambition, opportunity, celebration.
    Purple: Spiritual power, third eye, government, break a habit, drive away evil.
    Yellow: sun, intelligence, luxury, memory, masculinity, positive attitude.
    Pink: love, caring. friendship, maturity, affection, nurturing, femininity.
    Green: growth, luck, tree, plants, earth, money, success, jealousy.
    Blue: protection, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, water, truth calm.
    Red: passion, strength, fire, survival, career, lust, action, independence.

    STEP ONE – The setup: make sure you have the materials in an easy to reach place. Begin by creating a space to create, as stated above it should be a place that you are able concentrate, and preferably will be uninterrupted.

    STEP TWO – Start by setting your intention, this is the absolute most important part of the whole process. Take some time to refine the intention after you have conjured it, make it the best version of the intention as you can. It is essential that your final version is exactly the intention you want.
    STEP THREE – Once you’ve done that, write the intention on the paper you have. After that you need to create an actual sigil (if you cannot come up with one on your own, the internet has many to choose from, you can pick one and draw it)on a different piece of paper.

    STEP FOUR – After you’ve created your sigil, you must then charge it with the energy you wish it to have, this is where the concentration and focus comes in. You want to make sure that only the energy you want in your sigil gets in.

    STEP FIVE – After this there are several ways to cast the sigil, but for now we will focus on the easiest way: burning it. We will cover the other ways in the lessons to come.
    I recommend burning it (In a safe way, safety is always the first priority) over a candle whose colour most closely matches that of your intent. set the candle you have chosen in front of you in the candle holder you have picked. As you light it ask the elements for support, call on wind, water, earth and fire to help carry the sigil into the universe. Light a corner edge of the paper your sigil is drawn on, hold it there while it burns, focusing your energy and intent into it, hold it for as long you can safely. then let the rest burn until ashes. Once the ashes have cooled off, blow them into the air and this will let it go forth to the universe. Now all you have to do is take steps in the same direction as your intent, and believe in what you’ve done. Amazing things will happen. That’s it, That’s the introduction to sigil magic.

    Stay tuned for more lessons.
    As always, merry meet, merry part and merry we meet again.

    MISS V


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    Ive never understood sigils. Thank you for the intro! I’m actually really interested in this class.

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    I’m currently working on 2 more lessons, to come shortly


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