Psionic Training Manual-Lesson Four: General Energy-Shaping, Making a Psi Ball.

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    General Energy-Shaping, Making a Psi Ball.
    This is the ability to change the shape of psionic energy. Psi balls are a type of construct that are created through the use of energy manipulation. Usually, it is formed in the shape of a ball. It can, however, be made into any shape such as a cube, pyramid, or even more intricate designs. Psi balls are tangible and on first attempt can be difficult to make. They generally serve as the foundation for most constructs. Some of these shapes have a purpose of assisting you with certain abilities, and others shapes for giving other psions certain impressions, while some shapes are done for the sake of amusement. Do the exercise differing hands, many people only learn to do it with one hand but it is possible to use either hand. Make sure to record results with this step as well.
    Week One
    1. Hold one hand out like you were holding an apple, palm up. Visualize the energy flowing from your arm towards that hand, building up more and more in that hand.
    2. Visualize energy flowing from your hand into a ball/spherical shape above your hand. Visualize this ball-like shape and have a good picture of what it is going to look like.
    3. Take the energy that is in your hand, and cause it to be released upwards.
    4. Form the energy that you are releasing into the ball that you visualized.
    5. Feel the energy resting on your hand. Ask yourself, “What does this feel like? Does this feel cold, warm, tingly, static, vibrational, or something else?” Get a feel for what it’s like.
    6. While concentrating on keeping the psi ball there remove your hand. It will stay there as long as you are aware of it.
    7. Place your hand back under the ball. Feel the energy that is still there. Notice that it did not go away.
     Alternatively, you can move the energy onto your hand. This is another option.

    Week Two
    Practice changing the color of your energy ball. You don’t need to do all the colors, just pick on. You can practice on different colors later. This list is just to give you an idea.
    Choosing the Right Color for your energy balls
    • Blue Color – for (passive) Protection, peace, healing
    • Gold Color – for every purpose with a more masculine touch
    • Green Color – for Prosperity, Money, Beauty and Healing
    • Orange Color – for Attraction and Success
    • Pink Color – for Love and Beauty and Healing
    • Purple Color – for (passive) Protection, Astral Energy, Magick
    • Red Color – for (active) Protection, Sexual Energy, Passion and Courage
    • Silver Color – for every purpose with a more feminine touch
    • White Color – for every purpose, connecting with the divine.
    • Yellow Color – for Mental Clarity, Intellectual Purposes and Glamour

    The Moon is my mother, The night is my world. In the dark, I hunt for the souls of the world. By Air, Fire, Water, and Earth the spell is cast.

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