Psionic Training Manual-Lesson Eight: Cause and Effect

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    Cause and Effect
    Many people teach morals or ethics, I don’t. I teach Cause and Effect and allow each person to determine their own set of morals or ethics. Whenever a person does anything, there is always a Cause and Effect whether it is physical or non-physical. Other than drawing energy from an outside source, these lessons have been mainly self-contained meaning that the cause and effect is on the person doing the activity. When you manipulate energy you use your own energy which means you now have less, just as if you were doing something physical. The same Cause and Effect idea can also be applied to magick. Say that you are angry at someone and want to do something to them, just because you can use energy or do magick to attack the person doesn’t remove the Effect from the equation. If you physically slapped someone the Effect might be that the other person slaps you back, does nothing, evades your slap, or attacks back worse. The same effect comes into play if you attack someone with energy or magick; many people or living things will also see taking energy from them as an attack. You can also think of Cause and Effect in this way….if you push something away from you it could keep moving away from you or it could hit something and be absorbed or bounce back to you, or you could slip while trying to push it which could mean that nothing happens or you could push it enough that it slips back and hits you. That is also why control is important so it lessens the chance of you slipping. Before you do anything, be sure to think about the Cause and Effect, if you are willing to live with the Effect that it might cause then you decide if you want to do the Cause.

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