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    Circe Arcanum

    Please say hello on this thread.

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    Circe Arcanum

    I guess I will start.

    I am a Universal feeder or a hybrid, was once called Lady Hybrid by an enemy, lol.

    I need blood, I hate it but crave it, I have got sick by denying my need to often to be proud of it. Will suddenly remember that I need a raw venison steak and be a stubborn idiot about it. It grounds me and keeps me centred. I have had blood donors in the past and it was a love/hate relationship. I have never liked my need for blood but cannot change who I am for it. It kicked in with puberty and very much linked to my sexuality. I have worked magic and formed a binding grid to bury it and went asexual for about two months until I got angry at something and the binding collapsed and I was very sick for a while. I cannot go without blood for longer than that. If I am off Center and bad tempered I am blood hungry. I seem to need the resistance to it as well.

    I feed off emotional and sexual energies easily, like a dance. I cause chaos in my wake when hungry since I was a young child. I see living auras and practice my witchcraft with it. Curses and flung energy is food to me….shields are like a sample dish. I can trigger emotional responses to feed off. I can see and manipulate both on and offline, but have been made aware that if the other is also a energy feeder or psychic this can piss them off a lot, even unconsciously. I have learnt to weave my energy around me and dance in a field of chaos…. you will see what you want to see, not necessarily me. Lol
    I can teach this.

    I am Luciferian/Mercurian and seek altered states to evolve. Vampiric Sorcery has helped me for the past 12 years to evolve fast. Sex & Blood Sorcery is easy for me. I also practice Predatory Vampirism which is part of the LHP – the Left Hand Path.

    I got a couple of books published on Amazon, one called Being A Psychic Vampire.
    No, I don’t mention my blood addiction in too many public places but am totally honest and open about the energy side.

    I am also in a relationship with an eros vampire which has taught me lots about sexual feeding and being a donor.

    My parents, siblings and children also have Vampire traits, so I believe that this is hereditary.

    Ask & Be Answered.

    So say hello and let our dance begin…

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    Hi, my name is Kaia
    I have a question, why do you think hybrids need/crave blood, (im asking cause I have similar/same issue)?

    (Its extremely hard for me to control my mood, probably because Im starving non stop. I mean energy feeding helps for 1 day or couple of hours max, but Im still getting worser and hunger for blood literally drives me insane. My last donor was 2 years ago… Plus my ex said I fed off from sexual energy too, but I dont find myself craving sex, I dont know if its odd or not…
    I have similar problems as you do I noticed. I always though I was only sang, until I put pieces together, plus when someone shouted basically in my face that Im universal, then I got the ahhhaa effect and realization.)

    Thank you.

    The blood is the life.

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