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    How Vampires Led Me to Paganism

    And it changed my view of vampires in novels spiritually …helped through piercing an understanding between my own spirituality and my vampyrism through Halstead’s experience himself…it also gave me insight on the symbolism of vampires in ALL AGES of literature.
    I would say I love Anne Rice books from that perspective.

    *I don’t mean to steal any copyrights by posting links whatsoever.
    Also Im not trying in anyway to shove down an understanding of vampyrism of my own on others…lets agree to always disagree…to some vampires have nothing to do with RELIGION /Philosophy/Fiction/Occult/alternative spirituality/Science…and many vampires have their own version of identifying themselves including using the word Vampire or not!!.
    I have been accused of philosophizing everything ..although I don’t and Idon’t mean to.And this isn’t out of the topic for me at least!.

    On a personal level ,I would say vampyrism led me to Satanism! a left hand path generally! and it reconciled the final pieces of my sexuality along with my personal philosophy .

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    Its a great page Thank you for sharing it. As long as you link it, its fine. People do not mind you sending them traffic to their pages 🙂

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