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    Circe Arcanum

    We tend to be the ones that sit on the fence with a foot in both the Sang and Psy camps, with them both telling us to ‘pick a side’. Well, it doesn’t work that way.
    We need blood AND energy….and often many types of energy to balance mind and body in a reasonable good health.

    I have tried going Sang only… and I cause chaos around me energetically.
    I have tried going psy only … and I feel dizzy and ungrounded and often get ill.

    I am both a Sang and psy feeder… a hybrid if you like.
    It has been said that we are a category all to ourselves or that we are the most adapted vampire type. I agree with the first, we are not sang or psy, but we are most definitely vampire….as to the second, we can be just as screwed up as any other vampire and our needs are doubled, making life harder and less human for us.

    I welcome all that have a foot in both camps of the vampire community and those that Universally feed. We need to share our understanding of ourselves and find common ground. We will learn from each other in this lovely new space.

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