My year in the vampire subculture

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    Surely if you know me, you know i partially awakened or my vampyrism triggered about a decade ago although i stayed unfed properly and tried hindering it till 2018.
    In February ill probably turn a year , if u see it that way. It was a reawakening. I only mingled with the community for a year.

    Ok so lets chase to the point….
    My impression among vamps…
    What me and my community holds in contradiction to most of VC…

    How i felt after lurking and learning in the beginning to bond with myself and others such as me..where did i own experience vs what vamps can and cannot believe…my own approach (which we all have ! ) …

    This will mention good and bad…im a neutral member..regardless of how we stress one can misrepresent the whole and the opposite sometimes. And despite how heated some of our communities were might be more than people can chew.

    As a leader i changed.. and i care of isolated vamps..misunderstood ones…tantrics ..and new borns.
    Plus even with leaders we can be sloppy or make mistakes .but we got to be authoritative , we’ve got to handle it.

    Im known of honesty.

    This will be my excerpts from.convos on my server and others ,and dm is one actually!.

    Its not just self expression.. but maybe a lesson for others to learn..


    My year in vc subculture article

    I will sum up my main article of my feelings about the community with excerpts of convos i had , mostly my parts …..

    I may censor names of members for privacy or ask their permission that their names be typed in text…as my vampyrism is different…

    My feelings toward med sangs and their hygiene shannanigans finally out in right time with sloppy excused wisdom

    A convo:
    When i was researching especially in bloody meat and checking many sources for my info how meat can be safe when bloody and raw…
    Because between u and me…the community goes shannanigan on hygiene but its good but still dont trust sang direction to feeding like a bible …its why for a while me as hybrid stayed away from sangs for a while and from offering direction to right sang feeding(responsibility of health).
    So this goes hand in hand with other sources i dabbled too…
    Basically its the temp of storage my friend…
    Removing the outside layer of long stored steak.

    And remember …in order not to go paranoid…u got to feed! No blood is quite possibly ever safe. So dont be paranoid…but just know your shit inside out.
    Bless the blood!.

    A joke: what would medieval times vikings say about our fragile sensibility of blood?
    (Are you going to stand there and stare? Or will you slay the enemy ,smear yourself and the altar with their blood and drink in name of odin?)

    Not to forget im glad CG put in january post on dm forums the part about (med sangs themselves going after drugs as trend and beating each other who will buy them first with out checking)

    Not to mention they got huel, blood powder.

    And here people thought im unbelievable if i dont need human food while they take huel instead of it.

    (Are u shitting me).

    Again human food can be with no taste especially for psy vamps as they feel the poisons in food…sun gazing is powerful that it substitutes need for food.
    Psy vamps can go few days full stomach…with no need of human food.
    Since some of them,their system sucks automatically even phone batteries if they are close!!!.

    I have seen stranger testimonies than food processing with vamps…

    Imagine some say they need no sleep!.
    But im starting to believe it after this

    Do these and your sleep quota will go down – Sadhguru about method…

    Some of us sleep for three hours, some for four or five,
    Some arent consistent ..mood ,focus with energy during day and tasks mixes with your mind -body system.

    My testimonies felt estranged maybe through doubt in me! But the more i listen the more i found many things are possible.
    Im not attacking any branche of vc … even posers..everyone knows my neutrality especially i needed to deconstruct racist clichés about me so i acted kind with no deserve for some people to be treated that way.

    This is about perplexing testimonies throughout the year.

    Ofc this brings me to discuss how donors start having vampyric symptoms like sizzling in sun, low heartbeat and temp.

    This brings us to biological and medical analysis….

    Its like everybody on vc turns the chat at some point to …(we dont know what causes vampyrism… energy system depletion?

    Or being inhabited since birth by an essence ?

    Is it viral (for med sangs)?.

    And hence turning pops up as controversy….but more awkward is others wanting to undo vampyrism.
    So i dont get to believe in turning and seem valid on my conviction…but u would undo your vampyrism???
    Which is also debatable!.
    Personally i dont want to.
    We all want what others got i guess…be satisfied with your life …who else will live it.

    Then pops up others who humanize vampyrism to represent it to human world….

    (Its normal, no special powers , we struggle).

    Speak of yourself.
    I keep hearing strange testimonies.

    Which takes us to this community being most diverse from all others but before i go on its my home…
    I knew it is as i seached for myself for so long…im a wanderer ..i dont last enough in one place…diversity of culture and views are a cause…
    And latent identity until you embrace it causes all sorts of awkwardness. U knew you were different..but later u know how and why.
    All pieces fall together.

    I myself and some others who r sang believe the charm and sensuality part we all got…we can use it to mesmerize. I mean some sangs believe it for goodnesssake!.
    Hence is the controversy of how psychic is vampyrism seen even by non psy ! Some of them see it partially still psy.

    I say but dont enforce my label on others and how they define themselves (since we all got the charm and many are beautiful..arent we all on a limit of eros vampirism even if we dont identify as so??) I say that because most vc walks away from tantra!!!.

    Ahhhh….by the way..latent vampyrism…to unite it with ready to accept the term (triggered) more than awakened.

    All forms of beings are vampyric at a level-very philosophical to you?!

    My belief in vampyrism being beyond natural( im not just a human wearing suite with hair slicked back but i need a spoon of blood every week) is because of the physical symptoms regardless of what u describe as thin line analysis of physical vs metaphysical.

    I know tantric vamps who r 40 but look 16 thanks to tantric feeding.

    this convo is interesting too about all my disputes with vc:
    Northman Alexander:
    Amen to that. It happens in vamp…witch…even gay community.
    I mean you could date a bloke and tell him your beliefs are different .
    Yet he refuses u while still he knows what it means to be stranger (there are some who consider him freak too merely for being homosexual ,so he should know best).
    Some type is more odd, they accept their standard of (strange) but not yours!.

    Thats why i mix my dramatic sentence with pinch of joking when i say to unite the community ( we are all freaks to them, we must unite).

    User:I would be drinking blood here, if I had a donor. But I don’t. So.. astral blood ftw?
    I didnt think many people are like me around


    .Nonsense ..with vampires u will get all sorts of testimonies beyond logic. Which is why i feel i found my place and i will defend even classical vamps..and there will be more and more strange enlightening testimonies about feding techniques and physical emotional mental.functioning of vamp health.

    I feed on blood astrally. I can taste it sometimes in my mouth . I love blood play and its empowering as much as swallowing it. Unlike other sangs …i agree blood play is sanguinarianism.

    User Well, Vampiric is a class, not a hard and fast rule, right? I suppose I just don’t often find people admitting out loud what they feed on, since that also requires awareness of what they’re doing.
    I usually tend to look at things from the angle of need.
    If they need it, then it’s a vampiric thing. Doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy it.. and don’t both often go hand in hand? @.@
    Sticky topic lol

    Alexander: It is…i mean they stress the need .yes.

    Need need need.

    Ok ok!. Well if a sang feeds on energy from the blood but another believes in physical neutrition only of the blood ! Even if the former isnt psy ..but is he less sang ?! No.
    Then if it feeds u to wipe your body with blood like bathory ..even if u dont drink it…what the hell does that show u?!.

    User: The former isn’t less of a sang, if we are defining a sang as someone who consumes/uses physical blood, rather than purely the energetic counterparts

    Alexander: I was pushed out of te community because of convictions like this.

    Like also : you cant be turned.
    Immortality in physical sense is impossible.

    The latter is even more of controversy. Im not saying i can prove its real…if its i don’t want to. Humans will hunt us if we are immortal. But many yogas amd alchemy sciences strive to immortality through their occultic symbolism.( I cannot prove saying sciences seek it, some demonstrate ways to effectively prolong life! Some agreed with me in the community. Its just many who enter among us do for that part. Thing is we’ll have to hide of we r immortal. Or else : obligatory military recruitment, humans stalk us, arrest us, conduct experiments on us, plus you’ll need a new identity and to immigrate every decade to remove suspicion! And that is getting hader nowadays).

    User:I think that entities can become vampiric, usually in the psi-feeding sense, but it isn’t common.

    Alexander: Nods. Psy turning happens… I tend to also see turning happening not just because someone damaged your aura per say…but you ae human its just when u were conceived something else was there…something entered u. Part of death as well. It explains the low pulse , temperature…allure.
    The divinity within is too much for the meat suite so u need to feed.

    Well…philosopher stone…kundalini…sun gazing..are all practices to gain immortaility .
    Plus the spring of life myth..the holy grail ,the golden Apple which are symbols to real ingredients to some magicians.

    Just speaking but im not saying i can prove it.

    There are those who believed in possibility of prolonging life span continuously …daoism has practices for it. Or reversing agimg process.
    I see tantric women who r 40 but they look 16 because of energy work.

    The bible says life spans where longer in early days ..supposedly because diet was different and the world was more peaceful.
    Adam was 950 . !!!!

    ………user:There’s definitely a lot of things you can do! And I think most people severely underestimate the impact that these practises can have on your physical self.

    But.. there’s no mainstream acceptable explanation, anymore. So a lot of practises were lost to the conscious masses

    Alexander:Its bloody right true…and vc doesnt believe it. Thry thrive to look human to humans so they can accept us.

    Poppycock. We must thrive to be ourselves..we can function differently instead of whine…discover power instead of waiting for humans who dont accept one another! To accept us.
    Ofc while still not harming them.
    Dont get me wromg…im a predator ofc they are food..but i respect the life my food gives me .

    True…many metaphysics cannot be explained but still are inspected by science..and truth is spreading…trees are effected by your thoughts.
    Snowflakes in frozen water are.
    Cancer disappears from a woman chanting with dozen of buddhist monks by mere will!!!!
    Tantric energy and orgasms on your body by astral presence!!!!

    User:You can respect those you feed off of, and do so in ways that don’t cause unnecessary harm.
    Part of my issue with the vamp community is with Psis who go on power trips, because they’re more energy work capable by nature, and forget how to not be dicks.
    They simply take, steal, violate, rape, manipulate. It’s a piss off.. and then they blame their hunger not for the outlash, but for never changing or improving themselves.

    Alexander: What is more proof?( For psy powers even if they are smart assed by science believers)
    user : Personal proof.
    Most people cannot, or will not, believe.. until it has personally saved or fucked up their entire lives. Part of the nature of this dumbass plane. grumbles

    Alexander: Although they arent (vamps)good nor bad. But i have rules
    I agree about its the nature of this plane.
    Thry sre fascinated by the supernatural..and when they see it its like are you kidding me ,i dont believe. Lol.

    User: I’ve seen actually physical manifestations of shit.
    And yes, it was a bit jarring at first. But now.. you’ve seen it.. how can you turn around and call it fake? XD

    Alexander: I have seen metamorphosis. Yet therians deny it. Lol.

    User:LMAO and of course Therians would deny it XD

    User:I think perhaps it’s doubly hard for us to understand and put up with the blind, willful ignorance.
    It does feel quite personal when someone who should know better says you’re lying about what you experienced.

    Alexander: I agree. Dont get me started on the excessive fake ego mania and grandiosity in this community. Even in donors not just our kind!!!!!!.
    Even therians .

    (On animals and children drawn to us)
    User: lol… I love animals. They’re so much nicer than most people! And oftem not afraid of me because of the vampire thing ….

    Alexander: These testimonials are in common among us all.

    And heres to dispute of metaphysics vs science. .

    .hell in some servers i was even ridiculed for feeling astral attack while asleep and hinted at that if im outside america then the user shouldnt try to make me understand science!!!!!!!!
    (Indirect racism)
    And that some people (me) choose to believe fallacies while they know scientifically they r wrong and got a scientific exolanation .(me!!! Can u believe?!)
    Then he went on on how its a chemical reaction that causes numbness and fear , feeling of dream intangling moment of wakeness.

    I had fun with this convo too (although i admit i distrust doctors and their oaths to practice medicine and i said it before but i dont disrespect science)

    Thing is if u take science that literal, then you’ll tell your mother( i cant see or touch a thing like the love u claim for me. Please ignorant, bring it under microscope! /Its just a euphoric reaction when i was tiny and crying it triggered maternity in you thats all)!!!!.

    Another convo….

    (Myoglobin in steak isnt blood , but it carries some qualities of it and its got some effect)

    Alexander (finally someone knows myoglobin isnt blood but he agrees with me its got slight effect).

    Another :

    Alexander: Alot are accusing us-otherkin- of (bipolar ) ( identity dysphoria) (auditory illusions of schizophrenia)

    Because i dont just tackle the spiritual or metaphysical side to phenomenon, i discuss the psychology and science part as far as my hand reaches.

    Blurring line of otherkin vs schizophrenia

    User: Unless someone is diagnosed with schizophrenia it’s pretty impossible to claim someone has it.

    It may be in the future, but as of now it is not something that is diagnosable.

    Ontop of that, since I know some idiots still love to misuse it the term “Species Identity Disorder” was proposed by Dr.Gerbasi but quickly retracted a few years later because people were misusing it to claim Otherkin were insane. And disordered. It is also not a real medical term and will never be.

    Alexader :I appreciate that.
    Yeah…science too may widen its list of labels or not.

    Ok another bothering question:
    (Demonic possession is a presumption in medieval times when people couldn’t understand diseases science now can! .
    All demonic possession symptoms almost resemble epilepsy!!)

    Blurring line ??

    User : Ahaha… Seizures suck, but not all of them are epilepsy

    User: Anyways, the fact that these assumptions/claims have no actual medical backing is enough to disprove any jeers idiots make about non-humanity. If they want to play medically to try and treat people as insane they have to adhere to their own medical standards. Which, for the time being, doesn’t recognize anything about non-humanity. And unless someone has a professional diagnosis, claiming they’re something they’re not or have something they’ don’t is just childish.


    .User: They can’t diagnose vampirism
    how are they going to diagnose a spiritual/energy condition?

    Alexander: Which what i was saying all the long…. not ignorant. With new age and philosophy i studied physics. With tantric energy i studied medicine

    So ill stick to…. of your reactions which is sort of mine

    I mean ill mention science stuff in their accord. But science doesnt name all things spiritual/supernatural and metaphysical.
    Thanks my friends….




    To me science waa always subservient to philosophy…its just sometimes when my metaphysics were thriving to be reasoned others didn’t stand it… but god forbid someone trying to refute their metaphysics with science..

    Oh and when u try ending it with things like (even science still does not know) …(science contradicted itself about drinking hot water decreasing weight then denying it…and the sun will wither when helium increases )

    I was acused of muddying.

    (im not saying earth is flate nor oval or round…im saying we will bever be sure )….

    ( if you don’t believe in science i cant be your friend)…!!!!!

    thumbsup its a whole world …

    But its my community even if it happens and im estranged.
    Its unforgiving some tines by contradict ing standards…even split .
    And things get sloppy while texting because we cant see each other

    Or ego maniacs throwing themselves at you then accuse u.

    And whoa donor is always victim complexity! Like im not in danger on a health level if they are tainted. Or if im falsley accused if i wish to end my donorship relationship unexpectedly


    Or groups who r supporting in theory but actually act like nothing but private clubs.
    And leaders with flexible standards not defending a bullied simply because the bully built a strong activist reputation.

    Not finger pointing to anyone

    My final words of why these testimonies (science vs metaphysics ,what makes a person real vamp, what is over edge (immortality ,metamorphosis ! No sleep no eating /aka classical vamp)

    My word for newborns:
    Dont expect anything about vampires. But be will surely find friends.
    We r everywhere. Listen to your instinct..yourbody..calm your mind. Be whst u want. Shield yourself. Surround it with worthy company…and dont trust basically anyone … they r predatory by nature.
    Dare to define your vampyrism…even leaders of thus subculture arent authority…some of them judge wrong in matters and i saw it.
    Im one year old but wiser than many expectations.
    I always played by that rule of give your self a whole cycle… four seasons..all festivals celebrating a faith or life and see where it ends.

    Let your soul unravel.

    I thank all my friends for the warmth i found /find. After all.. there was and will be pain everywhere…but i felt more welcome here than elsewhere.
    Above all friends who listen..and teach.
    If u love someone ..u will listen!.

    I dont represent vampires with what i write…i don’t try misrepresenting them..let each represent any chain of beings u see we all differ..we dont agree..we come in representing ourselves is a slicky mission …not easy…but stop playing ( u misrepresent us) card to a person who sees themselves the way they are.

    When people think vampire they think of a certain image. . maybe its why most of us refuse bram stoker book and media.. but even fiction got a variety of vamps .

    Im a vampire with a voice.
    And as Michael says in queer as folk : no we are not like you ,we got the trannies, the drags , the leather, sugar daddies etc…
    His point eventually we are all pieces on one whole like u r .

    We got the rich posers with Halloween costume
    Curious humans, kin..psys ,struggling psys,opinionated med sangs and neutral loving med sangs, scientific sangs and mid mid between science and energy work sangs, the stereotyped tantrics who r frowned upon, the pathetic whinning ones, few proud of what they r, the neutral standing ones on vampyrism. The renouncers of importance of folklore who say they didnt watch a dracula film or any vamp film ever! Yet they change statement later!.
    And ones who study it all piercing their way to how history records vampyrism .

    I edited as much as possible just to lighten up:.i wont apologize too much for grammar mistake in a predatory community!.
    Sticking my tongue out!.
    Dont tell me u know my age from the way i write.

    My vocabulary was always rich anyhow, another classical vampire trait but common among real vc!!;.
    Now lighten up.

    Happy birthday /turning day to me! .hehehe

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