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    Gutter Dog
    Gutter Dog

    Hope I’m doing this correctly! The format of this forum is different than those I’m used to, but alas. I’m pretty sure I’ve got this.

    Most of you already know me as Hound in the discord. I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to go about using this UN, as it’s attached to a few projects which I’ll talk about, briefly, below.

    For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Gutter Dog (Hound). I’m a psi-vampire and I identify as a domestic dog, in some sense. I use another term more frequently on more ‘kin related sites, but dog is fine for now. I’ve been in the VC for about a decade now, but didn’t get super active until my later teens. I took a break for some time and now I’m starting to hop back into things, expanding my horizons. I’m a practicing shaman, teacher regarding energy work, and I serve as an archivist regarding energy work stuff and related materials. Currently, this UN is attached to a project that I am helping my good friend Nokken with, regarding the nature of the non-human identity and symbolism for the GOC (Greater Otherkin Community). The project can be found on here:

    Figured people here might find that of interest.

    I am also a semi-professional artist and I am currently trying to work on an art project for non-human identifying people involving clothing designs in an effort to allow people who identify as such to represent themselves without having to worry about public ridicule. I won’t provide a link to that unless specifically requested, as I don’t like to self promote. This UN is also attached to this project. If any vampires would like to talk symbolism regarding this project I’d actually be very interested! Some of us consider ourselves non-human for being vampiric, some don’t. But I still would adore having a greater understanding of how the VC feels on symbolism and what symbols/concepts they associate with themselves and the greater VC.

    And uh, yeah. That’s the majority of anything I can think of that would be of interest to folk. I’m pretty awful at introductions. Just a weird person who likes studying the non-physical and animal-human relations. Hope I can be of some use here. I’ll be interested to see what I can provide in the realm of knowledge regarding psi-feeding and other related concepts.

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    I love it. Great intro. I’m SO happy to have you here. <3

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    Welcome on board Hound.

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    Hello and Welcome (:

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