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    It sounds like the start of a bad joke. Not every Sang can make do with just one donor. Much has to do with how often a Blood Drinker needs to feed. Unless you are drawing blood, most of us don’t actually know how much we take from a donor, by direct feeding. So I have some questions.

    How often do you blood feed? (or how often do you think you need to, if you do not have a donor)
    How much do you think you require to be healthy?
    Human donor or animal blood? If you’ve tried both, is there a difference?
    How many donors does it take to sustain you (if you use human donors)

    Is there anything unique about how you feed that would add to the information in this thread?

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    Ideally, I feed once a week. I can go two weeks without too much discomfort, but by then the cravings are definitely starting to come back.

    If feeding regularly, I’ll take between 150-250ml in a sitting. If its been a long time, I may take a full pint. The most human blood I’ve ever consumed in one sitting was roughly 1600ml.

    I’ve tried both human and animal blood, and have found human to be more potent and last longer.

    I’ve been able to sustain myself off one donor, but it felt like rationing. Two donors is required to reliably and regularly feed to satisfaction. (2 donors also prevents dry spells caused by a donor being sick)

    The 1600ml estimation mentioned above was arrived at by counting how many times I swallowed while feeding, then duplicating the process with water, but spitting the water out instead of swallowing to acquire a measurement.

    I’m more confident in the other numbers, as I’ll often fill a blood bag to take some for later. I currently have two donors that each donate once a month, which sustains myself and my sang partner. We typically take 600-700ml per donation.

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    Thank you! Thats really awesome information to share!

    I require roughly 500 ml every 7 to 10 days, if I’m using animal blood.
    I have never had a donor who could supply me enough, though I have had several donors, I’ve never managed to get more than one at any given time – one of the downsides of being a fairly rural Canadian.
    I’d like to try the blood drawing method of feeding, if I ever found a donor who was willing, but considering how much animal blood I use I worry about using only one donor.

    In the meantime I get by with animal blood, most of which I obtain in the fall. I add glucose to it and freeze it in ice cube trays. When frozen I take the cubes out of the tray and double ziplock them, which keeps them until I use them, though admittedly, by late spring my supply is getting very low and I start rationing till I can either find a donor for the summer or someone who is killing an animal for their freezer so I can get more. Sometimes its touch and go, but for the most part I am better fed than most who do not have or cannot get donors.

    I would LOVE to have a steady donor, but .. well you know how that goes. I already have a mate and sadly many of the offers I get are not without strings that would be the end of my relationship. My husband is my best friend, and I just can’t bring myself to do that. so… this has been my solution. Its not perfect and I DO wish I had live warm donors and fresh blood, but being healthy was the most important thing to me and this seems to be enough to keep me going and keep me from becoming apathetic or depressed.

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    Thank you so much both ladies )O(.

    *The blood is the life.

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