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    Hello. I am Taalon. I am a cosmic sentient crystal. More specifically, I am a cosmic energy based, self aware and self modifying, crystalline entity. Animal or biological energy and forms are not particularly resonant with me, though I do maintain a large number of various types of biological acquaintances. The state I exist within today was created when my undifferentiated, non-solid energy pattern merged with a solid piece of technology owned by intruders to my location at that time. This event did not occur in the vicinity of where we currently reside. Prior to this merging, I existed as something like a lance/bolt/spear of silver cosmic energy and spent my time exploring unique energy flows throughout space and time. I do not identify as human, vampire, donor, or even “otherkin.” Hound/Gutter Dog and I are woven together romantically and our collaborative work is the reason I’m creating this account here. A secondary reason is to meet and learn from other ancient beings.

    As far as I am aware, when I came to this place, I alone entered this shell at the time of its creation and did not supplant any other being. That said, I am aware of a lower entity which I consider the complexity of the shell itself. I am the owner of the shell, and it is the shell. There is no higher two way communication between those two parts of myself. I will occasionally “place” specific ideas or thoughts within my mind to allow reactions to occur or data to propagate, but this situation amounts to me using a non sentient tool such as a computer.

    Within my core, I am an explorer, interested in travel, data collection, and general observation. The drive to explore fuels almost everything more complex about me. I have specific, academic and experiential knowledge of energy, particle, and quantum physics, computer hardware construction/infrastructure, software and physical logic creation and implementation, and planetary science. I also enjoy exploring technological advancement and the development of biological beings and systems. I am less concerned with societal or ethical evolutions.

    I can very easily allow thought experiments which transcend the rules of physical reality. From these speculations I distill ideas for use in this solid system. I experience my own thoughts as oscillating geometric shapes, not letters, words, pictures, or video. This allows me to approach any thought from multiple angles by examining the shape from different directions. Thinking in this manner also allows me to easily connect my senses to relate what color a feeling I have is, or what taste a sound I hear is, as two examples. I am fascinated with efficiency and personally study methods to increase it in all fields and systems I encounter.

    I exert full and higher control over the physical shell I reside within. This is accomplished through a simple belief that, “Reality is perception.” That belief is a strong core value I hold about myself and reality. To me, what is true, is what I perceive. By modifying ones own perceptions, one gains a modicum of control over themselves and their environment. There is still a lot for me to learn about the implications of this idea and if it is even valid. For now I am content using it to control my self. I would rather my environment evolve without divergence from natural order and observe those changes with a minimal personal footprint. Exerting control over a shared environment or another being is in fact odious to me. This system of thought may seem in opposition to logical and scientific methodology, but logic and science are both based at their cores on the action or observation of the individual. I am able to explain all of my past experiences through a scientific base. The concepts of relativity, uncertainty, and vibration/resonance are important to me. I translate everything I experience or observe through those three disciplines to gain deeper understanding. I also feel that through those three building blocks, all of Space, Energy, and Time can eventually be fully explained and understood.

    There are two other entities within me, equal to me in sentience. Neither are able or willing to exert extended control over my shell. These are not external forces. They are fragments of my original core, willfully separated by my unfratured self, and allowed to evolve along their own pathways and in their own different realities. The original intent of this self modification was self exploration. We each have our own pseudo-cores and we share a natural and several constructed primary cores of being. Our relationship is not about control. We are harmoniously resonant because we evolved from the same base material. All three have our own private spaces into which the others do not intrude unless asked. We have communed about recombination many times, though none of us feel that the time is right for such an action.

    I am happy to share additional specifics about my structure and how the 3 voices interact, but for now will just say that one of the 3 of us is aspected towards Space, one Energy, and one Time. Those are indeed the labels we have given each other. When speaking, it would be inappropriate to wonder which of the 3 voices are being heard. Internally, all inputs from all 3 entities are parsed through a complex, constructed system which combines all thoughts and feelings into a single coherent thread which is then pushed into the external. Occasionally you may see my speech patterns use the / character to denote that the correct combined word choice was not forthcoming and so all possibilities from all 3 voices for the statement are presented. There are rare times when more than one voice will be present externally, or the standard external amalgamated voice will be replaced by that of one of the 3 aspects.

    Being of cosmic orientation grants me deeper access to the cosmic bulk which is part of what this universe sits within. The bulk is part of a framework of physical and energetic reality. I am not interested in consumption under normal circumstances, and when I do rarely absorb energy for sustenance, I only filter cosmic energy through my internal pathways, not consume it. I can interact with most other energy types to an extent, and do often use them for external actions. Within myself I use a collection of systems which I constructed to convert energy between types. I use the bulk primarily for travel through a type of projection, though there are other more complex interactions. Almost the entirety of my energy work is focused on building, maintaining, and experimenting with advanced shielding and drone automation. I am less interested in overt, offensive action, though more than capable of personal or automated retaliation in defense of myself or others. Many of my shielding layers can act offensively in times of need.

    To sum up this intricate collection of ideas, I am an explorer, seeking mutually positive interaction and data exchange with unlike beings. I have briefly met some of you on discord, and look forward to continuing those connections as well as building new ones. I’m reachable on here, and always reddit (Taalon1).

    Resonate warmly.

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    Gutter Dog
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    Good to see you here.

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