Girls(Maenads) gone wild !

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    I think you should watch this episode in Xena Warrior Princess! Season 2 episode 4 .
    Although representation of Bacchus the God of wine,mystical mysteries,life and death,harvest of the grapes,wine ,vine,religious ecstasy is not accurate..but indeed Dionysus /Bacchus has vampyric mysteries.
    Its why he used to/still in certain aspects my main/among my main tantric and vampyric practice deities.
    The maenads are represented in the episode as the ecstatic vampyre female followers of the God,WITH FANGS..something not specifically in the Greco-Roman myths.The myths represent them as ecstatic..outcasts..beyond gravity (they can levitate,because Bacchus has this knowledge of yogi like he took from India),..tearing snakes with bare hands..ritual madness ,orgies ALL THIS IS IN THE MYTHS.
    Still I loved them more in Xena because the show made them vampyres dedicated to their male God (who in the myth was cross dresser since childhood to hide from Hera his stepmother! who is a God of non binary and androgynous look,which made his followers gays ,WOMEN ,slaves ,outcasts,criminals,wandering saddhus in Greece!).

    I mention myths along with the they both gave me more clarity ,lovely new approach to the maenads !.

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