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    from a nice vampire website :

    “For any Catholic vampyres out there, if that were true then I’m sure we would be hearing complaints by now.
    Vampyres are just as likely to be “evil” as any human.
    It depends on the up-bringing and their moral/ethical choices throughout life.
    Even then, however, “good” and “evil” are only matters of perception.
    Vampyres are not necessarily Satanists, Wiccans, Pagans, or polytheistic.
    Then again, they are not necessarily monotheistic, polytheistic, self-deifying, Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, Pastaferian, Islamic, Jewish, or any of the other religions not listed.
    The vampyre can choose what religion he or she wishes to follow just as can any and all non-vampyres.”

    Oh yes!..I agree with him about the first point.You know many in the spiritual community-i do not mean to offend ,i respect a person’s choice or heritage and upbringing,and I discuss religion with vampyrism because a fellow vampire asked me that question but I was having the topic in mind for a while..-start seeing Christianity and in a broader sense Abrahamic religions to be diffusing of many rights and dignities for creatures.I was surprised of a statment for someone that many hate but he was right(Christianity is a perversion for everything that is human).So yes..especially Catholicism will oppose vampires..since we are depicted to be unholy creatures with adversity against church authority..especially in Slavic lands where the Russian Orthodox church traces vampyres to be people who rebelled against the church or committed a heresy.And the Crucifixes…the holy water.Oh yes…with Catholicism you will have a contradiction!.But who am I to judge.

    Actually ..I came here to say that vampires were the transforming..and first and foremost step of my spirituality .They actually lead me to Catholicism!…yearning to discover if any records or historical trace about real vampires exist..I had to lean to the Vatican’s history in Europe to study all these mass murders…stories of stakes ,decapitation and the stories of the likes of MErcy Brown in ENgland.Although the vamps exist in Judaism (Estries…Lilith in Kabbalah) Islam (Mother Ogress)!.In Egypt (Sekhmet)..(Vetala and Kali ) in Hinduism …in Australian indigenous beliefs! And there aren’t much vampires and werewolves as there is in SLavic myths!.
    No Caholic authority or blood cults (Christianity is one of them ! ..the holy communion is a ritual of partaking in blood that was taen from Dionysians and cult of Osiris!)proved completely the fictional vampires exist or not.Catholic authorities weren’t direct with me ..but indeed they know alot …why do you think that not anyone is pemitted to enter the Vatican’s library ..even if they do ..they won’t touch any and every book!.
    I know it sounds silly perhaps to connect CHristianity with vampirism.
    I mentioned before though that some religious convictions hindered my awakening progress!.
    Which was Catholics giving me communion as substitute for thinking alot about vampires..saying that blood of Jesus is enough.Im from a somewhat multi-cultural atmosphere…both religions of my upbringing are Islam and Catholicism! my mom is a sufi.
    Its not what I came here to mention…What I would like to highlight is …do you think you need religion/any religion if you are a vampire??

    There is this multitude of vampires who reflect a lack of interest in religion anymore of spiritual beliefs as well(the latter I could never abandon ..Im mystical and its inter-related to my vampirism..yes …my research for vampires and their lore has been kind of my own religion to me ).Anne Rice reflected this in the 1970’s ..her vampires were all about a world with no God or reason for existence?she was trying to say what would the world be ?? that’s why Lestate fed and accepted his idenity and justified it by consuming only the evil ones…Louise lamented and whined ..Maharet yearned for human heritage and spend eternity watching over her family tree!They all searched for a purpose (instead of religion).The vampire of Bram Stoker was reflecting Victorian ethics…vampires are the upper abusive class..their sexuality is the forbidden fruit of Victorian ethics…
    Modern vampires reflect …HUMANS! more powerful yet fragile than humans…developed yet also with weakness points!.
    So vampires are an identity/quest in life/symbols (along with being real) amazing evolution yet somehow represented as fallen ..hiding the sadness and void behind acting like being stoned mixed with arrogant(the state of modern society especially the western American..where the more ego you have the more you are respected..yet something is missing because society is about consumerism).

    For me personally …as I said Im mystical and have always been..and I say vampires are mystical .Some vampires are against bowing to any outsider entity ..only believing in themselves.I tend to say I stand basically with that but I do acknowledge that the universe is run by many forces in complete respect and harmony.It almost parallels how the Norse saw their Gods and Buddhists who are non theistic /trans-theistic (your salvation is a goal beyond any God).

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    Thanks for hinting the source out .In the process of quoting I don’t mean stealing..its just the words are well put and they made a good introduction ffor me to the post.
    Awake and drink is very helpful vampire resource.

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