Darkened Mirror Discord for free chat and free voice chats!

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    We have our own Discord Server!

    Discord is free. Participating in the either the chat or voice chat is free
    The rules under the TERMS OF USE pinned in the forum will largely apply to the chat server.

    I love Discord. I use voice chat often. Discord Voice Chat is like living on an old rural “party line”.
    Its like the ALL STARS, everyone gets to play!

    Please feel free to come join us. If you want to actually talk to Lady CG or one of our teachers this is a free, and fun way to do it.


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    An “old rural party line”. Only someone in their 50s or older would even know what that means.

    I think my sister still has a party line at the lake.

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    Oh shush. its an awesome chat program, free and way better than IRC. It supports voice chat and text and.. are you gonna get it and talk dirty to me, or what?

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