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    So often, Darkness is associated with Evil. Since the term Evil has
    no place in a Nature-based religion, we are forced to look beyond such
    stereotypes. Evil is a human term, it begins and ends with that. Fire can be
    used to benefit life or destroy it. Nature is neither good nor evil, it simply
    is. It follows no moral code. Only humans, with our complicated set of
    emotions and intellect, can justify such categorizations.

    Death, Destruction, and Chaos; are essential driving forces within
    Nature. Life feeds on life. Destruction precedes Creation. These are the
    only true laws, and they are not open to interpretation. When you associate
    Nature into something good and loving, you deny its very nature. When the
    Dark Deities are shunned in fear of the Unknown, we deny ourselves full
    understanding of all deities, and what they have to offer.
    It is human nature to fear the Unknown. We cling to forms,
    representing the aspects of some. great unknowable, encompassing force,
    which we can not comprehend. We call them our deities. This is not wrong; it
    is in fact, necessary since humans cannot grasp the divine or cosmic source
    otherwise. But we Vampyres are demigods, as well as human. Some religions
    choose to see this source as one perfect being. However, accepting the
    existence of an all-good and just being dictates that there must then also be
    a counterpart or evil. Since nature based religion.s view the concept of Deity
    (God or Goddess) in a more polytheistic way, the separations of Creative and
    Destructive forces are not as well defined. The Deities take on aspects of
    Nature, or Human ideals. Instead of one omnipotent being, we have deities
    of: love, war, beauty, the sun, the moon, and the sea.

    Each Deity inherently contains both the creative and destructive
    forces. It is through the many aspects of the Goddess and God that we
    come to learn more about the Universe and ourselves. To shun those aspects
    we fear challenges our growth. It is the goal of Dark Pagans to encourage
    those who hide behind the positive aspects of our deities to embrace their
    fears and explore the Darkness, as a life-affirming step within their
    Spirituality. Paganism often focuses on the positive, creative and nurturing
    forces in Nature. It is easy to loose touch with the darker aspects. Life
    begets Death, Death begets Life, as Death creates New Life, and Chaos is
    the fuel of creation. (Something must always be destroyed for something to
    be created.)

    Those who shun the darker aspects of Nature, thinking life is all
    happiness, joy, and that once attuned to the rhythms of nature, life becomes
    such wonderful dreams. Too many people think nature is good, just, and
    ordered; this simply is not the case. Take these humans and place them in
    the wilderness with nothing but their crystals and they will be some animal’s
    or other Predator.s dinner before the end of the week so they are not at
    the top of the food chain as they would like to think.
    Nature is harsh. It is unforgiving so why must humans not be
    prey to Vampyres? The weak die or are killed by the strong which is us the
    evolved Vampyre or Human and demigod. Life feeds on life; even the
    strictest vegan is a plant killer. A human, with their technological and
    medical break through.s having improved the quality life by distancing
    themselves from the harshness of nature and reality. However, despite this
    harsh side of nature, it is not evil. It also has its share of beauty and can
    provide much more to discover than most or used to.

    The point is nature encompasses both the creative and destructive
    forces. Ignoring the negative aspects results in an incomplete
    view of nature. There is a darker side to all things. This darker side is not
    necessarily harmful or negative. There is beauty in darkness for those who
    enter the shadows to embrace it. Many aspects of the Darkness of
    Vampyrism are not so harsh as death and chaos. There is reflection,
    reverence, change, divination, introspection, trance, autumn, winter,
    maturity, wisdom, a single candle glowing in the night, and the cool embrace
    of the autumn wind. These are all aspects; these are its gifts. Perhaps it is
    through the beauty of a sunset, the colors of fall and winter that we are
    reminded of the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth as well as the importance
    of the necessity of each phase to the next.

    Come out come out where ever you are & Let me drink your life
    ~ Rev. JP Vanir ~ (YIM) theuvup ~ jp.vanir (skype) ~
    Founder of the Vampyrian TempleUVUP Network:

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