Claim that there are no vampires

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    I have come across many witches/pagans/energy workers and healers/astral projectors who say they never cross pathed with vampires(the typical media vampires) in the astral realm,in other dimensions ,iin working with other worlds.
    Then they state that vampires we know are not real!.

    THERE ARE VAMPIRES PEOPLE.You did not study hard enough..or you didn’t travel and explore astrally enough.Aside from the fact we are all (Sangs,psy,fetishists,Eros vamps) are not the media’s vampires… but vampires of the astral realm ,vampyric deities in cultures and vampyric creatures ,DIFFER FROM THE VAMPIRES OF MEDIA TOO!.

    At the beginning of vampyric history we see blood sucking deities (Sekhmet) but she has no connection with mirrors,crosses,neither is she human headed..many many other tales of vampires around cultures are mingling Eros vamps with slight psy(Incubus and succubus generally) or slight sang element(Lilith,she is mainly succubus ).
    They don’t turn you! they do fear some religious icons or lore seem to invint some banishing ways (superstitious or religious ones) ..but they definitely are not the media’s vampires.

    From personal experience…astral travelling psy vampires are real! Succubus and incubus are real.

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    That is surprising. Perhaps they have never needed to view through that lens, so to speak. Many seem to walk on the “safe” trail of life, after all.

    The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

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    Amen to that Kinesia.
    Thank you !)O( .

    You reminded me to mention that these claims/convictions were also mentioned on a pop cultural level…in the Telly show (Ghost Whisperer)! .There was an episode about Jennifer Love Hewitt trying to help a girl with the spirit of her boyfriend visiting her in the form of a vampire! the end of the episode ..Hewitt who acts the role of a psychic helping people with attached ghosts to cross over ..says that among all the beings she met in other realms there ARE NO VAMPIRES..its why she realized that the boy taking that form was out of psychological issues that made him attached after his death!!!.

    I was surprised.I know for a fact after practicing Luciferian magick (I practiced what ever you name..I did try) that there is indeed a whole realm of vampyric hungry spirits..that feed on the frightened (as you hint…maybe they were exploring half way out of fear not caution as I call it …to me now occult is a trip you make all THE WAY ..and nothing is safe in life anyway).

    *The blood is the life.

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