Blood Drinkers, hows your diet?

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    When we discuss anything about Sangs or Blood Drinkers online people talk as though blood is the only thing we consume, which in most cases is completely untrue.

    Do you adhere to a particular diet?
    What do you eat most when you are not “feeding”?
    Favourite foods?

    They say you are what / who you eat. So what are we eating?

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    Im not in any special diet. I love meat, also stuff that is spicy and sour (fermented), tons of fruits, cant eat kiwi, pineapple and spesific type of grapes though. Cant eat garlic either. I mean I can tolerate it in very minimum amounth but less then normal people eat. I used to eat wall plaster not when I was kid lol. thats the weirdest craving I have had.
    Oh and chocolate must have, especially chocolate with chilli, yes you heard me, we have chocolate with chilli here and its heavenly.

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    The blood is the life.

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