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    How have you gone about finding your donor(s)?
    What kind of relationship did you have with them?

    I’ve struggled with finding a donor for nearly 4 years now. I had found them in the past, but they did not last long and we did not end on good terms. I am bad for burning bridges when relationships end.

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    My own donors are often found in groups like this. To find donors its pretty much required that we make connections with people. That requires “putting ourselves out there” and offering trust. Not easy for many of us. You know what we need in this convo, we need a donor to tell us what donors want from a Vampire… then we could reverse engineer the issue.

    Michelle!!!!!! I think this is her area of expertise. Give me a few hours and I’ll round her up.

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    As strange as it sounds, it tends to just happen with me. I had someone at work recently identify me as a sanguivore when I had made no comments of the sort and approached me wanting to know more. My live-in donor is my former husband. I’ve had co-workers, lovers, friends, all willing to donate. Some want to do it for sexual reasons. Others want the experience of something they never thought they’d ever encounter. Some, for better or worse, want that connection with you. It’s useful to test the waters by broaching a subject such as vampires and seeing how they react. Potential candidates may say things like ‘they have a complicated history with vampirism’. Once I’ve trusted someone enough, tested the waters and come out, most offer to donate. I had 6 donors in my old city. I’ve one live-in and two offered in my new city.

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    Hi there. Just rushing out the door to catch my trolley to work. Give me a few hours and I’ll comment further.

    Michelle West Stutsman_Black Swan

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    I see this problem so much and it makes me sad. I wish that it was as easy as ordering a popular new book from Amazon for vampires to get the blood or energy that they need to sustain them. It’s frustrating for donors such as myself as well. I wish I could do more. My advice is to first if you have close trusted friends…. I’m not talking lovers or partners. I mean just close trusted non sexual friends. If you have told them already that you are a vampire great, just ask them if they might be willing to donate to you. Just be straight up and honest. Give them time to do some research on what that would mean and what they would be expected to do. If they don’t already know then I would bring up the subject slowly and start by explaining what your definition of what you are is. Platonic friends in my opinion make sometimes the very best donors. I never have a problem donating to those vampires who are close friends that I know are not interested in me sexually or interested in any type of relationship. Even then remember to establish boundaries and both need to be blood tested. I always suggest Zaar’s Donor Bill of Rights as a good place to start and modify it to fit your situation.

    If you don’t have or are not comfortable asking or having a known and trusted friend as a donor. Secondly I would go to a close family member, or a lover or spouse. Again easier and less likely to get complicated than a stranger.

    If non of the above work then I would start by asking vampires in your area if they know any donors that are available in your area. Most donors are not active online so you will need to be introduced to them by someone they know and trust. I always tell new donors to not advertise to heavily that they are in search of a vampire to donate to. I do this for safety and other obvious reasons. Take it slow and I cannot stress enough to use your smarts and make sure you get to know your potential donor and what expectation you both have before you ever accept them as your donor. Bonds are a real thing and they can be a wonderful and beautiul thing but they can also be heartbreaking and dangerous.

    I hope this helps. There are also lists of active donors available in different areas.

    I hope this helps.

    Michelle West Stutsman_Black Swan

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    Thank you everyone for your input. I only have one close friend and she isn’t comfortable with the blood feeding, but she occasionally lets me psi pull some energy for her, but this isn’t enough to keep me going.
    I hope that eventually I will make more friends and that will hopefully open up more opportunities for donors. I have told my boyfriend what I am, but he doesn’t seem too interested in letting me feed from him either. It’s a tough situation really.

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