Black Swan…. Donor…. What's the difference?

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    Black Swan…. Donor…. What do these terms mean in the community and are they interchangeable?
    By, Michelle West Stutsman

    From what I understand “Black Swan” was first used in the very early 90″s to describe someone who was not a vampire but was a friend or supporter of vampires. A black swan could be a donor as well but not necessarily.

    Only recently in maybe the past 7 years or less has the term changed meaning a bit. Now some will say that a black swan is a donor who feels a deep need or feels compelled to donate to vampires. These black swans will state that they have had an awakening like that of a vampire. They have physical and or mental symptoms and become ill or depressed when gong for periods of time without donating. They identify as a black swan. These lovely and very giving black swans are fiercely dedicated and loyal to their vampires.

    Not all donors have these same feelings and or symptoms or will identify as black swans. That does not mean they are not just as loyal or dedicated just that some simply identify as donors. Donors donate because they have chosen to do so. Generally, they don’t have any symptoms if they do or don’t donate for any length of time. They identify as just an ordinary jane’s or Joe’s who have friends or lovers who can benefit physically and or mentally from something that they can easily give them.

    It doesn’t cost anything to donate blood or energy other than the cost for lab tests and sterile supplies. Hopefully all are super safe about it swans and donors alike, and for that matter vampires should always be tested as well. I think that the number one reason swans and donors do what they do is it gives them a fuzzy warm feeling for doing a nice thing.

    Also, black swan/ donors are not going to get upset if you address them by either term. I myself am a donor that while I do not have physical or mental symptoms when not donating or feel it is something I was created to do I will still quite often introduce myself as a black swan based on the older meaning of the tern.

    I Hope that this answers this question that has come up quite a lot lately.

    As to who decided on the term black swan…… that my friends is unknown but I have it on good authority that it was used before Father Todd ever claimed it to be his invention.

    Michelle West Stutsman_Black Swan

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