An Origin Tale for Vampires (aboriginal)

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    An Origin Tale for Vampires

    ( seen on VNN – I am seeking the origin of this origin story)

    This tale was passed to me by my Great Grandfather, and I felt I should write it here, so here it goes. Though it has been a while since I have heard it spoken to me, I hope I can do it justice…

    During the dawning of time, when the world was young and the Great Mother still walked among her people, the night held terror for the Children of the Great Mother. Seeing this terror she sought the council of her mate, the Sky Father. Together they talked of possible solutions to the terror of her Children. Without coming to a solution right away, they said their gentle goodnight.

    Days passed as both quietly contemplated the problem on their own hoping to find a solution using the things they discussed. This was not an easy task as the Children of the Great Mother were constantly learning, growing, amazing both the Great Mother and the Sky Father with their ingenuity and cunning, but there hearts shuddered with sorrow as the Children cowered in fear at the things that crept through the night. Then it came to them, both at once. The answer was not simple and would take a combined effort on the part of the Great Mother and Sky Father but they had hope for the Children at last.

    They called the Elders of the Nations together and brought them to Council. The Sky Father, infinite in his wisdom chose to allow the Great Mother to explain it all to her Children.

    “My Children, the Sky Father and I have discussed your fear of the night and come to an answer that will help. It has taken long hours of thought to come up with this solution. Have courage my Children, you will be guarded through the long night.”

    Allowing the message to slowly sink through the minds of her Children, the Great Mother paused before continuing on.

    “There will be a cost, make no mistake, but it will be one that has promise. We will need you to choose among yourselves a number of people for the Sky Father and myself to work with. It will take two moons for us to complete our work, but your people will be returned. They will be different than when they left, and you must guard them through the day as they will guard you through the night.”

    Another pause by the Great Mother to allow her Children to chew on the words that she had just spoke to them. When she noticed the dawning of realization, she continued.

    “To be honest, my Children, I do not know the extent of the changes that will be made, but they will be charged with the protection and healing of your people. I will leave it to you to decide who will travel with The Sky Father and me.” With that being said, the Great Mother and the Sky Father left her Children to decide who would follow them.

    It took three cycles of the Sky Father’s and Earth Mother’s dance for the Children to make their pick of their population. This tribe would be unlike any other tribe to walk the world, so much forethought was taken to pick those that had proven themselves in battle, but not only this would be considered. There was much to be considered in this. Who would heal? Who would help? Who would cause harm should they be picked? Who would cause harm should they not be picked? The wisest of the tribal elders had these things to consider and more when it came to picking the new tribe. No easy decision was this. All the tribes would send their people to join this new tribe.

    When the choice was finally made, the Sky Father and the Great Mother were summoned.

    “Your choice is made then, my Children? These are those who will guard you through your long night?” the Great Mother asked. “So be it then. These shall be the ones gifted and charged with your protection.”

    With that said, the Great Mother and Sky Father gathered the new tribe and proceeded to depart with them to a place of great magick where they could work without disturbance because this would take all of their concentration.

    In secret the Great Mother and Sky Father called to them the spirits of these beasts… The wolf for its dedication to family and fierce loyalty. The bear for its fierceness in combat and great stamina. The great cat’s for their independence and need to nurture. The birds of prey for their far reaching sight and their hunting prowess. The reptiles for their abilities to hide and strike silently. These then would be the spirits of the beast that would be combined with the spirits of man and the magicks of the Great Mother and the Sky Father to give birth to a new child. One fiercely protective of those in their charge. A child who we will then charge with the protection of their people through the long and savage night.

    Three complete turns did Sister Moon travel the night sky passed before the new Children of the Great Mother were brought forward to the tribes of man. It was a night of rejoicing when those chosen were brought back. Dancing and drums rolled the whole night long. Shamans, medicine men and women each greeted the new Children of the Great Mother proclaiming them Hunters, protectors, healers and family. With open arms all the Children, both young and old, began to dance.

    When day began to break, the new Children of the Night began to move into the deep caves and dens away from the Sky Father’s eye as he looked upon the celebration. The old Children of the Great Mother took up the original charge and began to guard their now sleeping brethren in the caves and dens whereever they had sought shelter from the sun.

    When night began to fall and the new Children began to stir, they were quickly drawn to their duties to protect their brethren. Something was within them that pressed them into their calling and they took to it with all the ease of the animal spirits that resided within them.

    For many seasons this cycle of protection went smoothly until the secret of the blood came out. The new Children of the Night had a thirst for the blood of not only fallen beasts but enemies that would make their way to war on the Children of the Mother. This had never before troubled the hunters of the Great Mother as they had taken the blood of fallen animals that they had themselves hunted, accepting their spirit and strength for a time. It was the way in which the Children of the Night fed, for that is what they did. Whole amounts of blood with little else to sustain them throughout the duration of the long night.

    An uneasy peace remained between the Children of the Great Mother and the Children of the Night that became strained when the knowledge of the bestial nature of the Children of the Night became common knowledge. As time passed and seasons changed, the Children of the Great Mother became less afraid of the terrors of the night and more afraid of the Children of the Night.

    Then there came the Great Rift. A tear so bad between the Children of the Night and the Children of the Great Mother formed that caused the two Children to separate and find different homes. None can say what this tear was nor why it came about but what has been said was that it cost the lives of Elders on both sides of the Rift.

    The Children of the Night learned, through their animal spirits, to adapt to new ways of life and to hide themselves even from those gifted with the knowledge of the original pact made between the Elders of the Tribes, the Sky Father and the Earth Mother, for they would be able to sense their differnce and with tensions running high, this could spark violence.

    The Children of the Night began to scatter further hiding their presence by no longer taking mates from their own but picking Children of the Great Mother to become husband and wife to. The few surviving Children of the Night soon learned that they had finally hidden away safely, watching their children carefully for signs of the gifts that the Great Mother and Sky Father had given them. With training, their children learned to curb the instincts of the beast within them. Soon even they learned new tricks to hide their difference from the Children of the Great Mother.

    Many seasons have passed. Much time has gone between that time and now and the Children of the Night are once again coming but due to the hidden depths of the original Children of the Night newer Children are born to us…

    Those born with the spirit of man and the spirit of animal are Skin Walkers.

    Those born with the spirit of man and the magick of the Great Mother and Sky Father are little spirits.

    Those born with the spirit of man, the spirit of animal and the magick of the Great Mother and Sky Father are those meant to protect life. These are the ones we call vampire. Charged long ago with the protection of those in their care.

    May the Earth Mother and Sky Father help them to remember their long ago pledge to do so.

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    Finally a story that make us the chosen ,not the damned /desolate/empty/void!.Its sounds like one of the Native American stories even if its not,the shamanic elements in it are amazing.Thanks for sharing.

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    I really like this take on vampires

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    I love it too! I think its beautiful. I have no idea where it originated. I think while I’m off on three weeks holidays now, I’ll find time to look it up.

    I’m really glad you both liked it. <3

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    I believe I’ve seen this story mentioned by Belfazaar. As far as origins before him, I’m not sure.

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