Adequate nutrition in Sanguivores

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    One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is the nutritional habits of sanguivores; a number talk of digestive issues, but when taking a close inspection at dietary habits, it could leave some to be desired. There are several diets that are reported to work well for sanguivores, one of which is high meat intake, selective raw meats/vegetables. A low-carb diet has been reported to be helpful as well. My biggest issue with blood drinking is my immune system, and despite trying many things over the years, nothing has stopped the degradation over time, nor the strengthening of every function without blood. I have had digestive issues as well.
    Lately, I’ve fully adopted a ketogenic diet (very low-carb (<20g), moderate protein, high fat). My digestive issues have all but gone, and I can even eat things that used to bother me without complaint. Is this a symptom that can be controlled with dietary adjustment?

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    Rei Tadashi

    You too?! 😱

    Folks in my dojo have started on the ketogenic diet recently as well. (No carb, high protein, high fat). Seems to be an ongoing trend. Reports are similar: weakness in the beginning cause of the body still adjusting. Then they report that they’re less likely to be exhausted from the same kind and level of activities as when they were eating carbs. They’re not feeders btw. So unless I have more data on how it improves energy levels in non-feeders, I will hold off on opinion. Should be an interesting comparison with feeders who do ketogenic diet. OwO

    Pls keep us updated.

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