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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Enemies of the State

(or: When Good Vampires Go BAD)

We’ve all seen it happen… Sometimes no matter how good you are or how hard you try to be a good member of ANY community, no matter how much you attempt to keep your nose out of other peoples business, there is always a bad apple or two that creep in and attempt to rot the whole barrel.
It happens EVERYWHERE. It can happen to YOU!
Online, offline, in covens, e-groups, message boards, Online Journals, your favorite local nightclub… There is always some asshole working to sour everyone elses good time.
The vampire communities are no exception.

Let take, for example, a nasty little piece of work that crept into the vampire communities a few years ago.

“Mr Archaic Stinker” started out seeming like a normal everyday vampire who just seemed to want to be a part of things. Before long it became apparent that for him, being a part of things was not enough.. he wanted to run things everywhere he went and when he wasn’t’ permitted to do that he became a nasty liability to EVERY board he went to. Chaos followed him. Everywhere he went he would find a way to disrupt and hurt people, in the most horrible and degrading ways. Before long it became apparent that he was a liability on every reputable and decent board he posted at, and he was generally blackballed and banned from most of the places her went.

You’d think THAT should have been the end to “Mr Stinker”, wouldn’t you? No so! After he was driven from the decent boards and vampire sanctuaries, he moved on to more personal ways of haunting and disrupting the communities…
Threatening emails, personal attacks in online journals, even nasty phone calls and personal letters became Mr Stinkers new past times.

It took a long time, but eventually everyone realized that this person was simply NOT to be taken seriously, and to be ignored whenever possible.

There are several lessons to be learned here and a number of ways to combat people like Mr Stinker, who exist in all areas of life, including the vampire communities:

  1.  Be Careful what kind of information, especially personal information, you give out to people you meet online, in nightclubs or even in your neighborhood coven.
  2.  NEVER take it for granted that because you met someone in the vampyre communities they are “OK”.
  3.  If you trouble find you, even if you have done everything you can do to avoid it, TELL SOMEONE who can deal with the issue, wither its a parent, a Board Owner, a Coven Leader or any other person with the authority to help you.
  4.  Ban or block any harassing person from any and all online means of contacting you.
  5.  If someone threatens you, calls or mails you at home, sends you unsolicited emails after you have asked them not to, does or says ANYTHING even remotely threatening, CALL THE POLICE.
    Opinions are like Assholes… and you do not have to do ANYTHING with someone else’s Asshole!
    “Friends do not let friends play unprotected.”.

If you have a friend with any of the above problems do not wait till its out of hand… encourage them to GET HELP immediately.

Be Smart. Play Safe! Have FUN!

Disclaimer: The above character is in no way to be construed as a real person. “Mr Stinker” is a composite of many many “problem people” in the vampire communities and is fictional.
Any resemblance to people alive or dead is purely coincidental.

Lady CG
copyright 2005

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