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December 15, 2017
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Drama Queens

Welcome to the wonderful world of “soap opera vampires”!

Whether you do your vamp socializing online, in your living room or in the local gothclub, you are
gonna meet ’em… its inevitable, like ants at a picnic… the vampyre world is infested with drama
I have often mused over the reasons that we are such an overly dramatic bunch. Does it stem from
some kind of common upbringing? Is it in our very genetics? Whatever the reason its certainly a
common enough affliction, and most of us are capable of it, at least once in a while.

Oh come on….don’t deny it! Look me straight in the eye, and tell me you have NEVER thrown a
hissy fit in an effort to get something you wanted, even if it was only a bit of extra attention. Tell
me you have NEVER been described as “stormy”, “intense,” mercurial, unpredictable, disruptive,
flamboyant, or even, goddess forbid, DRAMATIC!

The truth is, most vampires fall into at least ONE of those categories.
As interesting as it is for US, its a fact, that a dramatically inclined vampire can be a nuscience to
others. People get tired of our endless mopes, tantrums, depressions, and general apathy, which can
be seriously nasty if a vampire hasn’t fed recently enough. (one of the most common causes of DIVs :dramatically inclined Vampires)

So what if anything can we do about it?
Actually there are number of things we can do to keep our friends and family from running,
screaming into the night (where we would likely follow, find and continue to annoy them

Feed, Feed, Feed!
A well and properly fed Vampire tends to be less temperamental, less apathetic, and a lot healthier.
Work a bit at finding out what kind of blood feeding schedule you require for your particular
metabolism and STICK TO IT.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!
Every Vampire should learn to meditate, and learn to do it, preferably, when they are young. Make
it lifetime habit! Meditation, and or visualizations can help so much in keeping your mood level and
everything in perspective. Meditation also has the added benefit in that it can be used to further your
natural vampiric skills, and if you’re into energy manipulation the uses for meditation become
almost endless. Its definitely worth learning and getting good at. You will not believe how much
simpler you can make life, both for yourself and those around you.

Learn to let things go. Not everything in anyone’s world is life and death. Sometimes you just need
to cultivate a sense of humor and tell yourself, C’est la vie. No matter how grim or unhappy your
life appears to be at any given moment, rest assured that life goes on. Tomorrow has the potential
to be a better day. You might be suffering from problems at home, blood rage, depression… right
now, but a Vampires emotional state can turn on a dime. Sometimes it really pays off to develop
patience with yourself and those around you. Practice makes perfect. Learning to deal with your day
to day affairs without blowing a gasket or telling the world how miserable you are can go a long way
to insuring that tomorrow is a better and more peaceful day than today.

Learn tolerance, and Use it!
Vampires tend to be a bit too smart, a bit too quick and more than a bit too temperamental. Our
intolerance for other people can sometimes dip below the line of sanity and cause us to make things
more difficult than they have to be.
OK… the world is NOT necessarily as bright or fast at grasping
concepts as you are… that doesn’t mean you have to make an issue out of every disagreement with everyone you meet. Save yourself the lousy reputation of being a Drama Queen. Give other people a break, cut them some slack, don’t let the world get to you. THIS is where meditation will do you
a whole world of good.

Now that we’ve discussed how to NOT be a Drama Queen yourself, it seems a good time to deal with the right way to deal with other Drama Queens. The solution is actually quite simple!

Don’t give them an audience! Sometimes the easiest way to not become embroiled in someone
elses drama is to nod your head and walk away. One of my favourite fall back positions is to look
the Drama Queen in the eye and say I agree with whatever they are nagging about, and quickly
change the topic. IF that doesn’t work, I walk away. Drama has no where to go if its not perpetuated
by others. Its no fun to be dragged into the middle of an ongoing situation that really has nothing
to do with you. It leads to hurt feeling, betrayals and nasty reputations. While feeling like you’re
part of a bit of excitement can seem like fun, one often needs to ask themselves if what you are
involving yourself in is going to lead to headaches for you later down the road.

Don’t be afraid to offer the Drama Queen in your life sensible advice and leave it at that.

Will we EVER be rid of Drama Queens in Vampire Society? Probably NOT. Can we minimize the problem and refuse to be a part of drama, online and off? You bet we can. When we refuse to sanction unnecessary nonsense in our own lives, the entire community is better for it. You and I can help make our community a better and happier place by refusing to deal in bull shit.
The best partis while we are improving the situation for others, we are doing something wonderful for ourselves.
Every time we refuse to become caught up in something dramatic, we are giving ourselves a bit of
Something EVERY Vampire can use a little bit more of.

Lady CG
copyright 2005

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