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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Can a vamp be normal?

I’m sitting at the computer, I SHOULD be napping before work, but I’m listening to voices in my back yard and smiling.

My vamp son has a vamp friend over. Not that its anything unusual, he often has vamp friends over. They are mostly in their teens and late twenties, not all of them vampires. Right now they are hanging out on the trampoline, and I hear them laughing. They sound perfectly normal. and yet. I know my son is a vampyre, and i know his companion is also. But there they are, hanging out, laughing on the trampoline… They date and My son has had vamp and non vamp girlfriends… some donors, some not. He eats his steaks very bloody, and his vamp and none vamp friends laugh about it… Oh yes, he does have friends in both types and they all hang out together… most of his close friends know he is a vamp and think its cool, even the non vamps.

This is how it SHOULD be. This is what I wanted, for my son and every other vamp on the planet. To be able to BE vampire, not be ashamed of it, and live a NORMAL life, by any standards
Its always been my goal that no one should go through awakening alone.. That ALL vamps learn the skills to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE.

And there it is, on my trampoline… The prototype. Vamps and non vamps who hang out and accept each other for what and who they are, the later, being far more important than the former.
I hear vampires say ALL the time, that the two groups, human and vamp, couldn’t possibly live in peace if non vamps knew that vampires were real. Its not true.
The truth and proof of it, is in my back yard.

Lady CG
C 2003

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