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Blood Substitutes

(or, How to be a Healthy Happy Vampire)

This article is dedicated to all the members of S&M
who generously tested, retested and spent hours of their time coming up with recipes,
testing recipes and getting back to me with the information on what works, and what doesn’t.
Thank you!
To my mate
who tries to insure I NEVER run out of what I need to be well.

Any Vampire, who has suffered through a severe bout of “Blood Rage”, knows that sometimes there IS no substitute for blood.
But for times when a vampires need is not so strong, there ARE blood substitutes, that many members of the community find helpful, if not exactly 100% effective.

Nothing works ALL the time.. nothing except blood. But… below are what many vampyres over years of trial and error, have discovered to work MUCH of the time.

Substitutes for Fresh Blood from a Donor:

As I’ve stated above and elsewhere… NOTHING works ALL the time, except fresh blood. The problems with this is that as every vampyre discovers, soon than later, usually sooner, There are NEVER enough donors to go around.

So what is a vampyre to do, when the need to feed strikes? Most of us fall back on Donor substitutes.

Now… the problems with substitutes is that what works for one vamps, doesn’t necessarily work for another. It therefore tends to be a matter of trial and error. Fortunately, there are things that work for MOST vampyres, MOST of the time.

The main goal of Substitutes is to PREVENT a vampire from becoming sick, apathetic or falling into “Blood Rage”

What is Blood Rage, you ask?

Blood Rage: A vampiric response to an unmet need for blood. Usually a temporary phase, the vampyre responds to a need for nutrients provided by blood, in an extremely negative manner. A vamp in Blood rage can have symptoms that may include: unprovoked anger, extreme agitation, unpredictability, excruciating physical pain , mental agitation, and if left unchecked severe depression and apathy, even suicidal tendencies.

Most Vampires will do almost ANYTHING to avoid “vamping out”. Since I have, on occasion, experienced for myself, such a state of pain, and mental confusion from lack of feeding, that I have found myself rolling on the floor, writhing in agony, and biting at my own wrists, among other types of psychotic behaviours, I really really feel and empathize for others who have to suffer through the same symptoms. In time I’d love to see an even better one than I am offering here, but for now, this is what we have to work with.

This list has been years in the making. Its been tried and tested by many many vampyres over the last decade. What I am listing are the most common ways to stay healthy and happy and hopefully, will stave off as many bouts of blood rage as possible.

List of blood Substitutes

Rare steaks:
Most likely this is the most popular, and most common blood feeding substitute. Eating ones steak Blue Rare is fairly common, even among normal humans and as such, it draws very little attention to a vampyre who can use it to feed in public, unlike donor feeding, which is usually done in private, since it would attract more than a bit of attention were one to “feed” in this manner at a table in a public restaurant! Its a good, though not perfect stand in when a vampyre is “donorless”.

Steaks can be cut to size and stored in the freezer, until needed. If expense is a problem, try buying the meat in large pieces such as a while strip-loin or rib-eye, or, if you have the freezer space, the cheapest way to buy beef is to purchase a side or hind quarter. You can have a butcher cut and wrap it, or if you have any meat cutting skills, you can do it yourself, saving about 20 to 50 cents a lb, AND have the advantage of being able to save the blood that collects form the butchering process.

However you get your steaks, it still often works out to the most convenient way to feed, and works well for vampyres who do not wish to be readily identifiable to friends and family as being vampire.

A note on Animal blood of various types:
while many types of blood are consumed by vampires in the communities,Some types of blood are safer than others. NO blood is considered absolutely safe when consumed uncooked.

Beef blood, because of the care taken by the food industry, is one of the safer types of blood to consume.

Lamb / sheep is also considered one of the safer alternatives.

While I know vampires who use Rabbit, Pig, Rat, lizard, goat, and number of other animal sources for blood, keep in mind that NONE of it is safe or recommended for raw consumption by health authorities,and can cause great health risks for vamps and non vamps alike.

KNOW THE RISKS before you engage in the consumption of blood. Do your research. Know where your blood comes from. Check health sites and KNOW what you are doing and why before engaging in ANY behavior that may have health risks. YOU are responsible for your own health.
Vampirism causes enough health problems… why add to them by giving yourself a blood borne disease or food poisoning? E-coli can KILL.

Blood Storage.

Because my standard substitute for blood from a live donor is beef steak, I tend to buy my meet in larger cuts such as whole strip-loins, or rib-eyes, to cut into steaks the size and thickness I prefer. I save the blood from the cutting process and to use later, for emergency “vamp outs”

I freeze blood. I find that frozen in a well sealed container blood lasts pretty well. i throw it out if it grows frost crystals, not because it would, necessarily hurt me, but because it begins to taste even more terrible than cold blood usually does.

I don’t’ thaw and drink it, as such.. thats icky… but as an emergency fall-back I can semi thaw it and “shoot” it like a whiskey shooter, or I can add a large tablespoon to a glass of red wine and drink it as “BloodWine”… OR I can take a large tablespoon of frozen blood, put it on my plate and when I take my Blue rare steak off the grill I put it straight on top of the blood on my plate which is instantly warmed by the steak. After I cut up the steak I drink all the warm blood right off my plate… Works GREAT, and is very palatable.

Blood will keep “as is” for about three days or so in a cold fridge, in a sealed container… after that it should be or thrown out. If you intend to freeze the blood do so right away, it tastes fresher that way.

I find the best way for me to freeze blood is to start with a small container I can seal, like the new disposable ziploc containers. I add all the blood I collect from cutting whole rib-eyes my hubby brings home for me, into steaks, and I put it in the container and into the freezer it goes. Every time I cut up another rib-eye I save the blood and add it to the container, if the container isn’t’ already empty.

Its not a perfect solution, but it serves me well enough that I don’t often get stuck in a massive blood rage that leaves me writhing on the floor in agony, like I used to. Its my “back up plan”.

NOTE: In many many places it is perfectly legal to purchase blood from a local butcher or slaughter facility, for the purpose of making blood puddings or sausage, which is quite popular in the UK, Europe, and many parts of Africa. If you live in an area where this is a common and acceptable use of animal blood, it should be possible to buy and freeze amounts in convenient amounts for later use. Check your local laws to find out if blood can be legally purchased for food consumption where YOU live.

Blood wine:
As a medium length storage method, Blood Wine works fairly well. While its an acquired taste and not something you’ll want to use if you don’t need to, it works pretty well, and most vampyres admit it “takes the edge off: of even the worst blood cravings. The recipe given here is tried, true and time honored. Its been posted on MANY message boards, websites, and handed down from mentor to vamp for a long long time. It keeps best if kept VERY cold. Please follow the directions carefully and be sure to shake the bottle before you use it. You will also need to learn to watch for curdling. If the blood in the wine curdles, throw it out. You won’t be able to stand the taste anyway, once it separates. I find a wine glass is usually enough to do away with a strong craving… but there is no harm in drinking more than a glass or two a day, other than the usual effects of any alcoholic beverage.

NOTE: Remember that drinking age differs from place to place. Please check your local laws to determine legal drinking age in your area.

My recipe for blood-wine is as follows:

one bottle of wine, preferably a red wine such as a strong sweet Merlot (chilled)
blood (a cup or two depending on the size of the wine bottle, also chilled)

Pour out 1/3 the bottle of wine (share with a friend)
put blood = amount of wine you poured out, into a bowl…
Add a small amount of wine, from the bottle, to the blood and stir carefully
Add more wine.. continue stirring (to prevent curdling)
Add blood / wine combination to wine in bottle, pouring carefully so as not to spill… a funnel is a wonderful asset.
Shake WELL  (to prevent curdling)
Re-cork or seal with wax.
Store under refrigeration.
Shake Gently before using.

*Psi feeding
One of the common traits among Sanguinarian Vampires, is an ability to “feed” psionically. Psi feeding, as it is often referred to, is the ability to draw energy or Ki from a person or group of people, and use that energy for your own benefit. This is a HUGE subject! many people put Psi vamps in their own category, and to go into detail about psi vampirism is beyond the scope of this article. It IS however a handy dandy quick fix for those who have the ability to use this psionic skill.

Since it doesn’t seem fair to mention Psi feeding without giving at least one or two techniques for using it, I am including the two I use myself. There are probably a thousand OTHER methods and ways to psi feed, so if you think this might work for YOU, other methods are available in Smoke and Mirrors Psionic forum ( p203.ezboard.com/fsmokean…34981frm12 ) or any other site specializing in Psionics, and or Psi Vampires.

CGs Tentacle Method:
This works best “one on one” where you are attempting to draw energy from a single person
(preferably someone who agrees to donor for this purpose)
Receiving hand and arm (the opposite one to what you write with) are imagined as a morphing into a tentacle. Visualize the tentacle growing impossibly long and reaching invisibly toward your “donor”. Picture the tentacle drawing energy from your donor and see it rushing in lovely fluid veins of light down the tentacle into your body, nourishing you. When you feel warm and strong, or at the first sign of discomfort from your donor stop drawing the energy. Picture your tentacle getting dark from the tip toward you. See your tentacle retract and morph into your arm and hand again.

CGs Open Pore Crowd Absorption Technique
This is a better method to use in a crowd, like my fav WWE wrestling events,or large live concerts. I call it is the open pore method… it also works very well for absorbing energy during and after sex.

Begin by taking a moment to be aware of the amounts and kinds of energy flowing in the auditorium, room or concert venue. Picture the pores of your skin opening up and receiving the waves of energy that are all around you. picture yourself drawing the energy in, till you can “see” all the energy in the room swirling into a vortex around you and streaming warmly into you from every pore. i find this one is mostly self limiting. I’ve never “over charged” to my detriment and I can always find a use for excess energy… so I just draw it in till I forget to keep drawing…(its easy to forget at an event of some kind..) but you might want to visualize the whole process reversing if you feel like you need to close the feeding session.

Those are the visuals I use. I found with practice they both give really good control.

Sexual feeding: Sexual feeding can take place either as a Masturbatory energy feeding or a partnered one. In either case the idea is to harness and feed from the energy created during sexual acts. While this method tends to be more satisfying for Psi vamps, many Sangs make use of it as well as a “tie over” between blood feedings or when blood is unavailable. I use the Open Pore Method above for sex feeding, as I do for crowd feeding. Below is another more detailed method to achieve the same affect.

I asked around the communities and on my message board for sexual feeding methods and was offered this VERY GOOD method, contributed by “CRAZE”, an Administrator on the Smoke and Mirrors Message board.
Thank you Craze!


OK here I go:
SO, you start off your sexual experience anyway you normally do. Tease though, get the person your with hot. Make them beg. Get them hot enough, and you’ll practically feel them radiate heat. But don’t let them orgasm….not yet.
Now, while your teasing them, and making them squirm visualize the energy field that’s around them (The aura) it could be red, bright green, blue, anything that exhibits strong feeling. Visualize that energy field slowly leaking toward you, your own energy field absorbing it. Not too fast, or else they’ll be passed out before you get finish.
Make sure that while your visualizing this, you keep up the sexual teasing and contact,t hats very important, it’ll keep the flow of energy ongoing, so that tap won’t run dry as quickly, so to speak.
When you finally start…ah screw it, when ya finally start fucking, keep up the visualization. (If you’re a girl, do Kegal exercises (squeezing the muscles in the vaginal walls) in rhythm with his thrusting. If you’re a guy keep her around by nibbling her neck, pinching and squeezing nipples..things like that) Increase the amount of energy field you’re absorbing as time goes on. When your partner finally orgasm, it SHOULD be like a rush of energy flooding you, it might overwhelm you if this is your first time.
Your partner will be exhausted but still exhilarated.
You’ll feel energetic, and probably want to do it again, but give your partner time to recover.
I don’t do this every time i have sex, because its too draining on (my mate) Mutant. once or twice a week will suffice nicely.

Semen: The oral ingestion of semen has proven to be a very popular, and apparently effective blood substitute for many vampyres! Its certainly much easier to find donors who are willing to to allow this body fluid to be extracted by oral means than it is to find blood donors (gee, I wonder why?) The method of extraction is time honoured, and perfectly safe, though not legal in all states or countries. (for those who are lost we ARE talking about oral sex). Since the method of extraction requires no real instruction, other than “don’t bite”, I DO have some “cautions”, instead.

The following cautions apply to all physical contact methods of sexual feeding:

*Be SURE you are over the legal age of consent where you live. This age can range from 14, in countries like Canada to 21 in some States. Check your local laws. The last thing a vampyre needs to complicate their lives is a statutory rape charge, or worse! Know the legal age of consent.
*Get a blood test for yourself, AND your donor! We all know what’s out there in the way of STDs. You can’t live in modern society without hearing about AIDS, Herpes, etc, and you never know when a new breed of an old STD will crop up.
*Wear a condom for sexual intercourse. See above. why take the chance?

**remember a sexual donor has the same emotional issues as a blood donor. Treat your donor well, and you’ll have them a lot longer!

Hemo-plex or other vitamin supplements:

NOTE: before taking ANY supplement of any kind, be sure to do your homework. If you have any doubts, have never taken supplements,or if you experience any negative effects be certain to talk to your health care practitioner for further advice.

Vitamins Vitamins Vitamins. I take so many supplements that some days I just can not bring myself to swallow another pill!
But facts are facts, and the fact is, most vampires, for various reasons NEED vitamin and other supplements. Like most other vampires I have a LOT of food intolerance’s. And the less blood I am consuming, the more food intolerance’s I have. So like most other vampires my age, I have learned to fall back on Supplements.

The majority of vampires go through a period of Anemia, either temporary or long term, Iron and other blood supplements are highly recommended. I, personally take a good blood “strengthening” supplement called “Hemo Plex” by Nature’s Plus. Its basically an iron supplement with most B complex vitamins, Calcium and some trace minerals. i find its very effective in keeping the “drowsies” at bay, and it certainly minimized cravings for me, though it doesn’t keep me from needing to feed. Other manufacturers offer similar supplements and it pays to shop around a knowledgeable Health Store.

B complex is another supplement almost all vampires find helpful. Lots of us do not consume a proper diet and we NEED B vitamins.
Check with your doctor. Most will tell you it can’t hurt.

Other recommended additions to your vitamin regime might be:
Calcium, Vitamin E, and a complete daily vitamin with trace minerals.

Misc Recipes that might or might not be worth trying:

Ask a hundred vampires what they find helpful as a blood substitute, and you’ll get 99 different recipes. The following is a collection of recipes from all over the communities. If you’re looking for something new, some of them are likely worth trying!

**NOTE: These were contributed by many many people. The names are too numerous to remember them ALL, and many of the recipes contributed by members were similar, and so the recipes below are a compilation of the suggestions I received.
I am EXTREMELY appreciative to everyone who contributed!

*My favourite blood substitute is a sort of tea/juice mixture. It doesn’t do the same thing as feeding, but it will reduce rage and discomfort for a while. It takes some getting used to the taste, however.
Start with 2 cups cranberry juice, and set them aside. Pour two cups of spring water into a NON METAL container on the stove and heat on “low”. Add 1 tsp. cumin, 4 Tbsp. honey, 1 Tbsp dried and ground rose-hips, a pinch cinnamon, 1 tsp. rosemary, a bay leaf, and some dried orange peel.
Cook together until the water smells strongly of the herbs, then let cool with the herbs still in it. When cool, strain out the herbs and mix with the cranberry juice. If available, add fresh strawberry or cherry juice, or just eat the fruits whole while drinking.

*Another mix is not nearly as good for your teeth, but also helps the hunger and your craving for sweets. Take 6 scoops instant hot chocolate and put in a glass vessel. Add 4 cinnamon sticks, a tsp. cardamom, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg and a teaspoon instant coffee crystals. Add 2 and 1/2 cups hot water, and some hazelnut flavored creamer (the same amount as for 1 cup coffee). Mix and enjoy while hot.

*Also try “Red Zinger” tea by Celestial Seasoning’s Co. with lots of honey, dark or bittersweet chocolate, or the following for those who can stand it:

*This one is great if you are really close to frenzy, as it tastes awful but works well. Get a 2 serving container of pre-packaged tomato or V-8 juice (one of the drinkable vegetable/tomato based concoctions) and open it. Pour into a blender. Add 3 Tbsp black freshly ground pepper and 1 Tbsp. Cayenne pepper. Blend until well-mixed and add 5 drops lemon juice. Now choke it down if you can, and it honestly will ease the hunger (as well as killing taste buds by the hundreds).

*mix tomato juice and beef broth, 50/50. Beef Broth and blood mixed 50 / 50 is also supposed to be quite palatable.

*Coca cola Chicken. Casserole chicken pieces (on the bone) in a mixture of half coca cola and half tomato sauce. (catsup) Tastes good, and quenches the thirst, so to speak.

*Here’s my recipe for very soft custard, which is full of protein and easy to make.

In a large bowl stir 2 ex large eggs until yellow and white are well mixed. Add 1 tablespoon brown or white sugar, mix. Add one pint (16 oz.) milk. I use lactose free skim milk, but other milk would probably work also.

Put in microwave oven and cook for 8 minutes on cook power 3. (low energy). When the bell goes off, reach in and stir the bowl with a fork. Then cook again for another 8 minutes on cook power 3.

You should have a “gelled” product, but it should be very softly gelled, and very smooth. Don’t stick your spoon in it; refrigerate it for about 2 hours until it sets up.

This makes a very soft custard, full of protein and easy to digest. You may add more sugar if you desire a sweeter product, or add flavouring agents like vanilla or maple flavor.

I like to put ketchup on it as I eat it. Yummy!

**CGs note: Other topping suggested were: Maple syrup, Brown or caramelized sugar, cream, fresh fruit, crumb topping.

Quickie hunger aids:

These are quick fixes that work for SOME vampyres. you might have to trial and error to find what works for you, but the following list is a good place to start.

*fresh fruit / veggies,
*a pinch of salt on the tongue,
*an ice cube melted in the mouth,
*ice cream,
*strawberry and chocolate milkshakes
*chocolate milk
*Another source of easy to digest protein is whey protein isolate
*Raw eggs
*Suck on a penny
*Blood wine
*fresh pineapple
*red wine
*chocolate (especially dark)
*herbal teas (chamomile, red zinger, lemon balm, ginger, etc)
*wines, preferably merlot
*cranberry juice
*orange juice
*grape juice
*v8 & v8 splashes / tomato juices
*sweet fruits and vegetables(juice of course, too)
*raw fish ( sushi )

In closing I’d like to say that being a vampire doesn’t HAVE to be unhealthy or physically traumatic. The biggest challenge is to stay on top of your needs. If you KNOW you do not have a donor, there is no reason to run out of substitutes if you plan ahead a bit.
Keep steaks in the freezer. Freeze a bit of blood from your next fresh roast. Pester your mate for a bit of extra sex play…

Of course there are times when only fresh warm blood is going to assuage your cravings.. but its something we learn to live with and it doesn’t’t have to happen very often if you look after the needs of your body on an ongoing basis.

Life as a Sanguine Vampire doesn’t HAVE to be as hard as we often make it. And being a REAL Adult Vampire, means taking responsibility for your own health.

If I’ve learned ONE thing from researching this article its this:
I’ll toast your health with blood-wine, and wish each of you happiness
“A Healthy Vampire, is a Happy Vampire.”

Lady CG
copyright 2005

Addendum 2015: In recent years we’ve discovered it is possible to freeze animal blood with the addition of glucose. Adding approximately 1 tbsp of glucose or corn syrup or in a pinch, even sugar to blood, then freezing in icecube trays for easy portioning will safely and viably store your blood for up to 6 months if its properly stored in ziploc bags.


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