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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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A Vampiric Primer

A Vampyric Primer

So, you’re a newly awakened vampire, and you’re wondering what you do next…..
Being a vampire is nto that different from being a normal human. We have needs and weaknesses and strengths. Its all in how you learn to look after yourself that makes the difference in wether you will thrive, or just survive.
Here is the lowdown on learning to look after yourself, vampirically.

If you don’t’ NEED to feed, you are NOT a vampire. Lets get that out, right off the bat. I have often heard from young and old vampire wannabes:
” Well, I am a vampire, but I don’t need to feed or anything… I fed ___ (insert a number from 1 to 10) times and I just don’t need it”
If you don’t’ need it, you are NOT a vampire, I don’t’ care HOW many other vamp traits you have. Vampires need to feed, hence they call us vampires.
Psionics NEED energy, Sanguinarians NEED blood, so the first thing you need to do is find a source of blood or pranic energy.
Prana is easier to find, since psi vamping can be done to almost anyone, anywhere and feeding from crowds is widely available.
Sangs have a tougher problem… not everyone is interesting in having us take their blood.

Fortunately…. the blood we need doesn’t’ have to be human. Oh yes, I’ve heard ALL the arguments and lamentations over the years:
“but I HATE animal blood”
“but I only WANT human blood”
“but i need the closeness of human contact when i feed”
Get over it. We need blood. It doesn’t’ have to be human and animal blood will keep you from going mad, or becoming emotionally unstable or physically sick.
I don’t’ care if the blood comes from beef, rabbits, small animals from pet stores or your donor. You HAVE to feed. Younger vamps do not need to feed as often as older ones, once the initial pangs of awakening pass, but they must STILL feed none the less.
I eat rare steaks or drink blood-wine at least twice a week, when I do not have a donor. (I’ve been awakened for a quarter of century, too though)

My favorite recipe for blood-wine is:
1 part blood (fresh beef blood, or other safe blood from a trusted source)
3 parts wine (fruity sweet red, is best, “Sola Nero” or the like)
pour the blood into the chilled wine. stir carefully.
Strain through cheesecloth or a very fine strainer
bottle and refrigerate
Drink as needed.

I also buy blood from the local butcher shop or get some from friends who hunt.
If you insist on having a human donor, take a phlebotomy (blood) course… or at least learn some real first aid, for the benefit of your donor. learn blood safety, for your own benefit. Lets face it… At least Sangs do not have to worry about Hep C or aids..

You have new skills. Find out what they are and use them.
Most vampires have skills that help them survive and thrive. we have:

*Charm: (Venus flytrap syndrome) We are the clever and the beautiful. We have the ability to charm and attract.
THIS is the gift that makes our vamp lives a LOT easier. with a bit of practice we can charm almost anyone into accepting what we are (except family members who know us too well to fooled by a bit of charm) We can use it to gain donors and make friends. Its really a case of being nice… but if its not enough, you can also help wing opinions in your direction by:

*energy manipulation: Magic. Its a skill we have, as long as your religion lets you use it. You can learn about this on ANY Wicca board or any magic user board.

*empathy: I don’t’ know any vamps who do not have the skill of empathy. Its a gift given to us to warm us about the people around us. Are they a threat? Are they good potential donors? ask your empathic skills… If a situation doesn’t’ feel right, you have the skill to determine whether there is a threat and if you THINK there is, you have a better chance to avoid it

*strength: Most vamps have better than average muscle density. I encourage EVERY vamp to take up weight lifting and body building. We shape up at light speed (as long as we are feeding well) and our speed and stamina is difficult for a normal person to match. I’m sure this skill goes back to a time when we were required to overcome our unwilling donors, but now its still a good protection skill. Not everyone LIKES vamps (though I can’t imagine why…) and this skill can save you if you ever need it to… well this one and:

*Night skills:
We see in the dark, we disappear into the shadows at will, we can sense EVERYTHING moving around us at a distance…. All good skills that come, in time, to almost ANY vamps who wants to take advantage of them.
Try stepping out at night and close your eyes. FEEL what is happening in the dark… you’ll be amazed what you you can tell.

*Meditation: Learn to meditate. it helps headaches, body aches, empathic problems, energy skills, and helps keep the “beast” at bay.

Get help and information:

*See a doctor: ALWAYS, and do it FIRST, to rule out any mundane causes of any vamp symptoms or any illness you might be feeling. don’t’ put EVERYTHING down to your vampirism. Even if you are POSITIVE your problem is vampirically related, get checked first. You don’t’ have to tell your doctor you think you’re a vampire… though if you do, he can’t tell anyone due to doctor / patient confidentiality… but see one, none the less.

*Network: there are boards and groups and mentors available. You just have to look for them, and THESE days you don’t’ even have to look hard. Check message boards, check e-groups… whatever it takes. Even ICQ had a search that includes our lifestyle.

Its a good start. OK, its not ALL you need to know, but it will get you started. There is lots of help and GOOD info available.
Being a vampire doesn’t’ HAVE to be a depressing and miserable, ill existence. It can be GOOD. It CAN be GREAT! Its all in learning to look after yourself, properly.
Being a vamp today is better than its EVER been.
We don’t’ just have to settle for surviving… Vampires can THRIVE!

Carpe Nocturne
Lady CG
C 2003

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