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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Vampiric Aging Conference LOG!
(This log is from 2005 and was too long to post here – let me know if the link works properly… the blog is new to me and I’m figuring out how to work it lol)

The Conference was last night. Storms in the US and some other diversions kept some invitees from attending but for those of who attended it was a WONDERFUL experience!

We learned that we have a GREAT DEAL in common. WE learned that Older Vampires age similarly, and that there IS consistent information we can pass on to younger vamps who are coming into the Aging Phase of their Vampirism.

We WILL be holding ANOTHER Meeting! And, Trust Me, I will not be missing it for the world.

It was a rare and wonderful opportunity to chat to others in my own age gorup with similar experiences and it was both enlightening and uplifting.

Thank you again, to EVERYONE who attended! I can’t WAIT to do it AGAIN!

2005 Conference of Vampiric Elders on Vampiric Aging:

Vampiric Aging Conference Log

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